Stick button for wheels when?

Can’t seem to understand why this is still an issue, but stick buttons (R3, L3 ?) still not supported on wheels.

My G920 has both the buttons present on the wheel, but they are not supported in game. Seeing as it’s a Xbox branded wheel I thought this wouldn’t get left for say…years!

Buttons I’m referring to:

LSB Button

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Do they even do anything important in game?

They vote for next track. In forza horizon they controlled horn and reset car (I got stuck and couldn’t reset my car a few times)

Not really sure what else, but that doesn’t really excuse that something this simple has just been left out for such a long time.

I mean, I can reassign a stick button the a paddle on my elite controller. So there is some functionality there.

You could have always paused and pressed reset button if you really needed to

But yes if the buttons are on the wheel why cant they be used

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Making Voting only usable on a controller was a backhanded move to wheel users by T10.

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I don’t know whether or not you have the shifter, but if you do, the red button on the furthest left allows you to vote:

That’s a G27 shifter. The (optional) shifter for the G29/G920 has no buttons, since most of the extra functions that the G27 shifter had got incorporated back on to the wheel for the G29/920.

Oh, my bad then. Sorry that wasn’t of any help.