StevenGas Race design

This is my first attempt at doing a Race design its not a replica of anything just my own design to my knowledge there isn’t a green machine lawncare out there but who knows. Any tips or constructive criticism is welcomed. I started doing designs in march and still learning new skills all the time I’m hoping to learn for everyone in here because I see all kinds of amazing designs being showcased in this forum

Nice Steven!!

Very nice. Send me a Friend Request if you want. I can try to help you out if you want. I’m not the best but I’ve done some original race paints.

Nice paint mate. Bring more … and shout if I can help.

I like it. Very nice…

A new design now if I could only learn to tune and drive for drag

My Replica of the 1970 Mister T drag car one of the designs anyways there were a couple as the car had been wrecked early. I wasn’t able to get the red fade up on the B pillar as it bleeds onto the side so if anyone knows the car that’s why I stopped the fade at the back of the door before the B pillar


nice paints I really like the 70 vette.

Great design Steven. By the way, did you notice the driver head / helmet like light reflection behind the right hand window or is my imagination running away with me. No it’s not, must be a sign of a true racing car. LOL.

Yeah now that you said something I see it and it can’t be unseen lol…and by the way another very nice vette paint StevenGas.

thanks everyone and yes FA I see the ghost in the machine now it must be the gremlin that brought this car its bad luck

I see the reflection too!!! That is awesome !!!

Here’s a couple of simple race designs I put together both are a little simple as I’m a little hesitant to over decal the older muscle

This one is a replica that I had to move down a decal and driver tag as due to the soft top

This one is made up and its a work in progress as I get some more period correct decals made up. I’m going for the old weathered look as if it was a barn find race car from back in the day

I like the designs you’ve got on display here. I also have to comment on the Impala racecar as I am not a fan of the worn car look, however this one I do like a lot. Its got that barnfind look like you said without looking beat to you know what. I think this is done well and a fine example of the worn in look not worn out.

yes I don’t like the rusted out stuff much myself as you cant get rid of the shine on the paint so my plan on this is for the paint to be good just sun faded and the decals to be rough with cracks. No offence intended to those with rust buckets cuz nice designs are nice designs and I can appreciate to work that goes into them

I like what you’ve got going on in here design wise…very nice and well put together. The Sun Faded one is a nice concept that I haven’t seen too many of.

well its been a busy weekend in the paint both but I finished a couple projects off

first is my barn find

Then my recent trips to the lobby inspired me to build this as I’m always at the end of the line.
The Caboose Express

And this is for the mini muscle neon series

And finally I put together a modern general for the Hazzard fans

Really liking the designs and that Modern General Lee is freaking awesome. Hopefully it will make an appearance in the Auction House!

and the great designs keep on coming…nice work Steven

Agree =] new stuff looking pretty cool =]