steering wheel

thinking about buying the ferrari steering wheel, has anyone switched from controller to steering wheel? and what are the pros and cons from your experience

Moving this to hardware

Cons first:
It might take you a while to get similar times than with the controller, if ever.
Thrustmaster forgot to put a headset socket on the wheel base - if you want to talk to someone online you have to either use kinect or a headset plugged into a controller
The pedal set is average. There are options for better sets but they cost a fair bit
Lots of people have had reliability issues with the TX458 wheel. I’m on my 3rd wheel and even that has a slight issue now.
There is only one compatible wheel available. Two more are coming soon though (a non force feedback from Thrustmaster and a force feedback from Mad Catz).

It really adds a dimension to the game.
The steering and force feedback are very well implemented

Despite the reliability, I’d never go back to the standard controller.

I’ve used a wheel and pedal setup since Forza 3 and not having one for xbone1 and Forza 5 is spoiling the game for me.
The TX just seems too unreliable to invest in so waiting to see what the Mad Catz one turns out like.

I love mine!