steering wheel pedal box what is the best brand

looking to get a steering wheel pedal box setup and wanting advive on the best brand for xbox one

Wait for Fanatec to release theirs if you want the best!

Could be waiting a long time for a Fanatec - they don’t have a license for the Xbox One which is probably why they’re so quiet about it - no communication on the subject since October last year!

I have a CSRE with Club Sport pedals and CS sequential shifter that I used for 360. I purchased the Thrustmaster TX for XBone. The pedals are horrible. The wheel unit is surprisingly good, I do well with it. I was lucky enough to order the Basher Boards adapter that was released yesterday (it sold out in two minutes) that will allow me to use my Fanatec pedals with the TX wheel base. You can buy the TX wheel for around $400. The CS pedals are $250, which are by far the best performing pedals available for the average sim racer, there are better out there, I don’t know if they are compatible with console games. The adapter will be around $50 depending on shipping method. This is all US purchases. If you are in a hurry this is the best setup available for XBone right now. I was and I will buy Fanatecs wheel base when it is available, sadly it could be awhile. I will have the TX for back up and if the new Fanatec is as good or better quality than my CSRE, I will sell it to a PC racer or trade it in like Fanatec said they would do for existing customers. I hope this helps you make your decision.

Breaking away from a controller will be the most rewarding and realistic racing experience you will have. It might be a challenge and you might not be as fast, but I promise you will enjoy the game more.

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