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Hello people,
I’m not sure if many others have noticed this, but all cars in Forza Horizon 3 have their steering wheel on the wrong side. In Australia, the cars drive on the left side of the road, this was done right. However, when the cars drive on the left, the steering wheel must be on the right side of the car! All cars in forza horizon 3 (including civilians) have their steering wheels on the left! Read a book guys!
This may not be a major concern if you drive in third person mode, but if you’re like me and like first person, it feels really unnatural. Besides that, it’s dead wrong. Steering wheels must be on the right side, I don’t even think it’s legal to have them on the right.

Is there any way this (honestly embarrasing) mistake can be fixed?

There are no police in FH3, and given the way people are tallying up Wreckage skill points, car compliance would probably be the least of their concerns.

Aside from the fact that many of these cars were never produced in right-hand-drive configuration, asking T10 to spend the resources on switching the cockpit of every car would probably be cost prohibitive. Just look at it as the configuration of the car’s country of origin.


Horizon’s engine shouldn’t be too much different than its Motorsport counterpart. I don’t know specifics, but if OP wanted to solve his problems, the only thing that would need to be done (in an essential, minimalistic sense) is reverse the UVs of all the models. This would cause numerous issues, namely within ForzaVista and such, but the entire process wouldn’t as complicated as you’re making it seem. I say that because you say “the resources”, which should consist (only) of money to pay the modelers and animators (as well as a portion of the two year gap between each game so far).

It is not an easy conversion, especially with the huge number of cars in Horizon 3. Counting in the pay for workers that will do the job as well as the extra time required, it’s not worth it.

Years ago you were legally required to have to convert the car but now you can legally drive with the steering wheel on the left on personally imported cars

Not sure how you go playing any of the previous games

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Have you even bothered to look into New South Wales laws? There are certain restrictions on LHD vehicles. For instance, a LHD vehicle over 30 years old will not be licensed to drive on NSW roads. To give you a specific example, an old 1979 barn find called the Toyota FJ40 is LHD and supposedly allowed to drive on the road.

Aside from the legal stuff, my main point is that it feels disorienting in first person mode to drive on the left with a LHD vehicle.

No, they do not. Some are on the right. Some are in the middle.


It seems I’m mistaken in saying that all cars have steering wheels on the left. However, civilian cars really shouldnt have this because they should be made for Australian roads.

I guess I’ll just but the cars with the steering wheel on the right side :slight_smile:

You are very mistaken.

  1. The interiors are modeled after an actual car how it was presented to the people who designed them. This was not a design a choice, this is what they could get ahold of with the licensing rights that they had.

Any car you drive that is LHD or RHD indeed came in that form and it was put into the game how it was presented. It’s not dead wrong at all.

  1. An extremely large portion of the game have cars in RHD form. In fact a lot of the cars in the game weren’t produced outside of RHD in that specific model (and conversely, a lot of cars that were added in did not have RHD models).

So you don’t play any of the literally hundreds of games with LHD cars that are set in others places?
It takes a couple of hours tops to adjust. It was not a mistake, it was not a bug. The game is as designed, it doesn’t need to apply to road traffic laws because it’s a game and you are being a pedant. Just get used to it and enjoy the game. Instead of being stubborn and missing out on lots of great cars. Because some of them are amazing! :slight_smile:


Years ago you had to have a man in front of the vehicle with a red flag…

IT’S JUST A GAME! :grimacing:

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I’m sure the person who posted this knows that what he’s asking is impossible, so my advise is to adjust to the different steering position like everyone else did. People in England and Australia drive down on the left and occasionally have to deal with having a car left steered going down on the left as well. It took me some time to get used to, especially when playing FH2, which I still do, but trust me if you ever have to vacation in England or Australia and rent a car, the experience of have the know-how to drive these cars in this game will translate big time! The only thing I still have issue with is not leaving enough room on the left when I pass in a right-steered car - that always gets me somehow, other than that, its all good !

Um, it’s a game as I recall.

I suppose if anyone wishes to get pedantic, it is worth remembering that Byron Bay, the Yarra Valley, Surfers and the outback aren’t anywhere near as close in Real Life Oz (the place where right-hook’s required on anything less that three decades old) as they are in the Forza Horizon 4. It could be argued that’s a bigger ‘problem’ than which side the tiller is on in our favourite cars made of ones and zeros. And since that’s not a problem at all (unless you are some sort of geography dweeb), it seems the same situation might exist for the cars. So no prob.



oh don’t worry people were complaining about it being geographically wrong at launch as well, same as that it doesn’t snow in Australia during the summer months ( or hardly at all as some people have said it does in certain areas )

it’s just the way people are nowadays, will look for something just to complain about no matter how minor or major it is
especially how the cars they want arent in the game, because everyone wants the same cars too right


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