steering wheel on the wrong side of the car

I understand why Forza’s map couldn’t look anything like Australia because it is simply too big and I appreciate some of the smaller details such as the rubbish bins etc. But one thing that is a bit annoying and weird as an Australian is having all the steering wheels (on cars I have played in so far) on the left hand side of the car rather than the right (as they are in Australia). Are there any cars that don’t follow that pattern?

For the most part the steering wheel is determined by country of origin, so the Holdens should be mostly/all on the right side. The US vehicles should be mostly/all on the left, the Japanese vehicles should be mostly/all on the right, etc.

There are some exceptions, such as the Miata being left hand drive, and a couple of the fords being right hand drive. It all has to do which spec the car in game is (Euro spec ford, US spec Miata) and what T10 could find to model the car, safe bet that if there was a US spec version of the vehicle that is the one that is modeled in game since T10 is a US based company so the cars are easier to get.

I believe each car was laser scanned - if they happened to scan a left hand drive car for the game then Horizon’s Australian locale wasn’t an issue for them.