Steering wheel & cockpit opinions

Not too sure if this needs to be in another forum…admins, please LMK and I’ll post there if needed.

In the market for a racing wheel. Have narrowed it down between the Thrustmaster TMX Pro and the Logitech G920.

I’ve read all of the goods and bads about both. Just want some opinions from the racers side of it, not someone who is posting a complaint about how they couldn’t figure out how to operate it properly and wanted to complain on the site they purchased it from.

Also going to order up a cockpit and seat. Also have that narrowed down between the Vevor adjustable and folding setup and the Conquer setup with the reclinable seat.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Go for the TX,better wheel,dual belt vs belt gear combo with the TMX.also wheel can’t be changed on the TMX and its clamp mountable only.Also the TX has brushless motor TMX does not.

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By that argument go with ts x racer because better wheel, then go with fana v2 because it’s much better, then go with accuforce because it’s a better wheel.

While I do agree one shoukd go with a better wheel as i dont even think tx is worth it. really comes down to budget and his is obv around $250.

Also, if it’s specifically for forza go with cheapest wheel because any amount of spending for a wheel specifically for forza is too much.

Do you have to argue everytime? Not much price difference between TX and TMX,the ones you mentioned cost a lot more!!!

I did exactly what you did. I doubled the price, and then i doubled it again to show how silly it is. As i said above i completely agree with you I wont suggest less than a csl E/ ts-x1 as anything underthat i feel is a subpar wheel. But he asked a or b and you said c.

He also said he was buying a rig,would you use a clamp only wheel on a rig?Also TX is not double TMX price wise.

No but 920 isn’t clamp only.

Instead of arguing these issues over and over, we can refer people to Search (click on the magnifying glass top-right in each forum, then select the Forza Motorsport 7 section and put in a couple key words like TX or Thrustmaster) to see what has been posted over the months, OR:

General Xbox Gaming > Hardware & Peripherals

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With age comes wisdom,i can respect that!!

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Back to Scotts question. I have the TMX and find it to be a sound peripheral. It is clamp mounted but you can purchase an adapter plate which makes the bottom flat. It cost $20 and comes from a company in the US, Ricmotech Sim Racing (or some similar name). This allows it to be bolted to any rig. I was considering moving up to the TX but frankly I can’t rationalize the expense considering the TMX has performed so well.

I have no Logitech experience.

Thanks for the insight. I understand PTG’s argument regarding superior quality, but this is just for console racing. When/If I get into some more intense online racing, I’ll definitely invest a bit more for a quality.

I had searched the forum a bit earlier, but wanted some direct responses, which I got.

Thanks again for the help. Feel free to hit me up on XBox so we can race a bit.