Steering Wheel Bug in Forza Horizon 5

I tryed to play Horizon 5 with my Logitech g923 but it´s not working. It always says “Plug your Controller back in” when I press any key on my Steering Wheel. The only way to get the Message to disappear is to press Enter on my Keyboard.
Does someone know how to fix it? I tried to restart the Game but it didn´t help


It’s doing it with both my DD1 and my Heusinkveld Sprint pedals. It seems it’s happening across all brands so hopefully there will be a fix soon.

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Wish we would get a ETA, i use G923, and i been playing FH4 with it and realllyyyy do not want to play FH5 with a controller till its fixed…


Having the same problem as well. Pretty dissapointing to drop $100 on the game and it gets stuck on the loading menu plus the steering wheel doesn’t work, also noticed a bunch of the photo mode controls don’t work if I do manage to make it in. Guess I’ll play something else until they fix this game enough to be playable…

It’s always surprising how devs manage to mess up all they did for previous titles.
FH4 no disconnects, network code just runs. FH5 constant discos.
FH4 wheels like my G923 just work. FH5 same issues as OP, pressing a button, pressing a pedal → please connect a controller.

This is so ridiculous.

And the next game (the new Motorsport) will be on a brand new engine…so we’ll probably have to go through it all over again


Just coming to post my displeasure with the situation as well g923 wheel. Played horizon 4 the past few days flawlessly while trying to get everything setup added a shifter this week, wheel position, seat position all in excitement for horizon 5. Not playing horizon 5 till this is fixed. Just a shame smh.

If you get wheel to work it will be limited to 200 degrees of rotation, over that has no effect on car steering at least on my G25.

I have a Thrustmaster TX wheel and I am having no problems with it except they are not supporting the Sparco Mod+ Handbrake it appears. Previous versions have supported the handbrake but not this one for some reason.

Are you on PC? If you are, you are the first one he say has no problem with a steering wheel. I have a Fanatec DD1, thrustmaster t-lcm pedals and th8a shifter with the same issue as all others. What a joke, a racing game with broken steering wheel function…

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I am on an Xbox One standard system.

Fwiw my G920 works flawlessly on PC, as does my analogue handbrake

Set your DD1 to v2.5 compatibility mode and create a custom controller layout. Now my DD1/Heusinkveld pedals work. But you’ll have to re-select the custom layout every time you load up.

currently getting the same bug on a Thrustmaster TS-XW can’t believe I spent 100$ on a game that dosen’t work

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G923, same problem. It’s been over 72 hours since FH5 went live in my time zone, so I’m now in day 4 and I still haven’t actually driven anything because the game won’t stay connected to my steering wheel. How the AF does a fundamental bug like this even get out the door? It’s beyond infuriating.

I’m playing on the Thrust master TMX Pro with TH8A shifter and it’s working. But honestly doesn’t feel any better then FH4’s steering. FFB is alil better but it still just wants to go side to side. And I still have yet to see where u can adjust wheel rotation. I’m stuck on the 4 presets I have. Disappointing really.

I too am having this issue with my Logitech G923 I bought and received TODAY, only fix I have found is Windows Key + G, left click anywhere in the screen, then press A (or X) button on my steering wheel. Hopefully they patch this as I would love to actually use the wheel I just bought…

This needs more attention, this needs to be a hotfix patch IMO. I paid a lot of money for this game to just have a game breaking bug as far as using my wheel goes.


Been playing since Nov 5 with controller because the G923 still isn’t working almost 5 days later. Would be nice to see a fix soon. Saw some pre-release Youtube reviewers using the G923 with no problems… wonder what happened?