Steering pulls to the left for no reason, am I the only one?

I started playing F6 a few weeks ago. Game is great but my new Thrustmaster 458 Spider racing wheel jerks to the left suddenly for no reason making it hard to catch the car. It can not do it for 15-20 minutes and then it just starts, quite surprising! Managed to make it up to the 800 class but at these speeds it’s getting impossible to catch the car(or barely). Tried adding steering deadzone to no avail. Problem with my racing wheel or the game itself?

Like this?

turn rumble off. it’s a temporary fix.

Nope, you’re not the only one. Happens to me regularly.

It’s amazing that Turn 10 won’t comment on this issue.

Same here… I thought it was road imperfections or something but now I’m starting to get really annoyed. It’s as if there’s a threshold you can physically feel from the wheel as its at the point of a turn where your just about to lose traction so when u edge the wheel in to make the turn against the wheels feedback then BOOM, a jerk!!! Every single time, never fails… Reallyyyyy annoying…