Steering problems

Hey everyone . I just wanted to ask if you have any good tips on which deadzones i should use for the controller 8 I play on a d pad ) ? Since it seems like when i change the deadzones , the cars start to handle poorly , i did reduce the steering deadzone to 6 , and then to 8 and 13 but did not get a good result from that .
In Forza Horizon 2 , a setting of 6 on the steering dead zone is perfect , but clearly the psyhics in FM4 are different . I been driving FM4 since it was released and always found the handling , a little on the poor side , but it may be my car settings as well .
Anyways the cars do understeer quite a lot when i change the deadzones and the Volvo S60 R awd had understeer , even if i changed a lot of supension settings . I also like to use tc on fwd and rwd cars since the game feels undriveable without it , just spinning out , even whit reduced throttle deadzones .
Feels like the tc or the car settings is holding the deadzone settings back , so all you get is understeer , and oversteer in some cars as well , and sometimes both .
Which tuning settings should i use on a fwd , rwd and awd to best deal with this problems ?
I often race with negative camber on the rear wheels to reduce oversteer and often posivite on the front wheels to reduce understeer , not sure if this is right , and low ride height , and 50-75 & diff lock .
Any help is welcome :slight_smile:

I do 0 and 100 for everything, and my clutch is 0 and 20. It gives you the maximum range of your control stick to control the car as precisely as physically possible. Response isn’t quite as quick, but you can tune your car more loosely and retain the smoothness from the dead zone. That clutch dead zone just makes the shift a little quicker, or so I’ve found…

Like Bulin, I know many people have set their deadzones to 0 and 100. Mine are unchanged/default. I would suggest deadzones aren’t your problem. You should probably leave them default and focus instead on better tuning and driving.

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Absolutely agree with Dsquared-you must practice more and don’t forget the success = 99% hard work+1%talent -good luck!!! ;). p.s. But…here’s one huge but-if you don’t have the 1% talent or the passion of racing - you wasting your time!!! With respect - So2

I know how to drive :wink: hehohahohoo