Steering Gone Awry!

I dunno how to explain this, but while playing “The Eliminator” over the last few days, any car I use seems really hard to handle.

I’m on XB1X, use an “Elite” XB1 controller (Gen1) and normally have TCS & SC off and everything is usually fine.

However over the last few days, whenever I steer left or right, it’s as if the steering is too sensitive and I have to correct it and then correction is too responsive and then I have a problem keeping the car going straight.

Topped it off today while in the L7 Porsche 959 and was beaten by a player in a Mini (who was all over the place himself) and I could not drive in a straight line when needed, fighting with the steering left, right, left, right!

I thought maybe “Simulation” steering had inadvertently been turned on, but it hadn’t and have even used a brand new XB1 controller, but everything just feels wrong.

Anyone else experienced this over recent days??

That sounds like a slow response time, a delay, you correct, and the delay makes you over-correct. That’s why we turn Game mode on, and use wired controllers. If you connect a wire to your controller you can also take the battery out to make the controller lighter, so it’s better.

Is it just in Eliminator? Cars handle fine in other modes?

Only been playing The Eliminator lately, I think AquaPainter may have hit the nail on the head as I’d recently changed my TV to HDR and XB1 to 4K.

Totally forgot about them until AP mentioned it.

Actually gonna try try the cable idea as I’ve always wondered whether it would make a difference

When I switched to a wireless Xbox One controller from wired (360) one, I didn’t notice any difference. I assume there must be a tiny bit of latency but I didn’t notice it. Nor have I noticed any difference in handling in the game lately, and I’ve played both offline (rivals) and online races, although no Eliminator which I consider broken until they fix the car reset issue.

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I have experienced game slowing down, stuttering, Drivatars jumping and bit sluggish controls on Trial, I ended up doing quite a few runs (S21 Autumn) on this.

Weirdest thing is that I experienced it also sometimes in single player runs I did on same routes.

My setup is Xbox One X, performance mode, Samsung Smart TV (with adaptive synch and other game features turned on when I game) Xbox One X controller, wired mode with extension cable.

I did some Street Scene races tonight and everything works fine, no slowdowns or stuttering.

I have used mine as wireless and wired. I use wired mode because I don’t want to buy batteries and like AP said, controller is lighter without them. I haven’t noticed differences in latency either between wireless and wired mode, but couple of times in wired mode when batteries were about to die.

is it all the time or only during prime time? because i got the same behaviour at prime time forzathon or a full unranked drift lobby, everything is running fine untill you feel how unresponsive everything gets which i assume is on the serverside unless a whole lobby runs on unstable connections and bottlenecking at the same time… people starts spinning out, scores are dropping…
checking for anomalies there is no extra load or traffic that i can see.
xbox1 controller wireless(wire is no difference) 120hz ((119fps on purpose for gsynch range) with gsync and ultra latency mode 9/10 games runs fine but that 1/10 game is horrible 600k runs turns into 400k

Also i assume todays consoles have wifi and cable connectivity since previous gen had it, are you running via ethernet or wifi? how is it setup, do you lose any packets? doing something else on the network?
Seeding? streaming? that could overwhelm your connection if you have a poor one.

Also if you wanna stick with sim steering which in my opinion is the only way try changing the steering offsets for a more accurate steering cycle and makes it easier with small corrections instead of full left to full right

A wireless controller isn’t going to change the sync rate, it’s going to change the controller response speed, and the only way to test that is to attach the controller to a special robotic machine that flicks the controller, and times the response.

How would you test it at home?

All I do is feel the difference between wired, and wireless.

It all seems fine again now. I’ve just been in the 959 for the first time since I experienced the worst occurrence before posting about the issue and the handling wasn’t a problem using the same controller.

Must’ve been either down to the TV settings (4K HDR Vs Game Mode) or some kind of weird network.

I’m pleased it’s cured…for now!

Thanks for the input guys.