Steam Saying Release On November 8th?

This is by no means a complaint but I preordered Forza Horizon 5 on Steam and it said the release is on November 9th which I know is the release date. However, once I checked again about 15 minutes ago it said November 8th. Is this a Steam bug? Do I get the game early even though I preordered the standard edition? Or is the official release date changed?

Kindest regards, The Taxi Man

I would imagine it depends upon your time zone whether it will be the 8th or 9th. It will probably start working for everyone globally at the same time.

I wonder what time it is released then? But anyway I’m not going to be playing it later than 11pm.

The Xbox app on PC gives an exact countdown timer. Currently 12 Days 12 Hours and 31 Minutes.

My countdown timer says 12 days 5 hours… which suggests it gets released at different times (since you posted the above time an hour ago…

Oh, perhaps your right. That counter was accurate at the time I posted it.

12 Midnight Uk.

I’m in The Netherlands and my Premium Edition preorder payment confirmation email says ‘4th of November’ as the release date, which would also be a day early.

Where do I find the countdown? and is it showing the time for your location? or just time in America?