Stealth Sliders Drift Team Thread



ICoNz sT
Alexander ALH
big trev 41
Xx JaeDM xX
We are a team who just like to slide together and just chill and talk about cars. We slide everything muscle cars to drift missiles.

We are recruiting painters and more drivers to join the team. If you have any questions message either MELOYELO32 or SpinierNine84 on X1

Hey guys

Double post my bad

Were still recruiting and we are in desperate need of a painter so I’m calling out to those painters who don’t have a team. We need you

Couldn’t message your gamer tag for some reason I drift/little bit of paint

It’s all good I’ll add you

In the meantime do you have anything that you could show is like a preview?

I’d be interested in joining you guys for a session or two soon.

Sign me up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll send you an invite when we got something

Those of you who are still looking for a team, were still recruiting!

But if you run race tires or AWD then look elsewhere

Hey guys I’m look to join u guy

This is the team new team design

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that’s a nice design man

Thanks man I appreciate it

good drifter and looking for a crew to drift with gammer tag mi ti ki 00

Quick question, what time zone are you in?

My gamer tag is dylan1408 I really want to get into a drift team :slight_smile:

Stealth Slider drift meet/open tryout on Thursday at 9 am pt or 12 et. Come out and see what you got!!! 700hp or less please and no race tires