Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has completed this accolade yet? [in the creative tab > photo]

I’ve pinned the accolade and it’s ticked ‘contains a car’ and ‘taken at Le Gran Caldera volcano’ but has NOT ticked the ‘taken during snow’.

Is ‘during snow’ meant to mean something similar to the tropical storms and sand storms during other seasons? I thought the clue was in the name that it doesn’t say ‘snow storm’ and just says ‘during snow’ which I would’ve presumed would be this current season, as the top of the volcano is snow covered, but alas it doesn’t seem to be working, for me at least.

*edit - I’ve also tried taking a photo when small amounts of snow starts to all, when you get the on screen effect and the cars wipers come on, but this doesn’t change anything

Curious to see if it’s a specific issue for me, or if it is actually completable.



I have the same problem, I trying do it since yesterday. Tracks from event lab named “stay frosty accolade” or “photo during snow” don’t work neither. Probably its bugged

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You need to take photo during the snow.

ISorry could u be more specific? should there be a snow storm or something we’re waiting for? if so, when does it happen?

Did you ever get this? I created a race around the Caldera (actually quite a fun custom route that I really enjoyed test driving - it’s called Snowy Megaloop, 115 183 286, if anyone wants to give it a crack) and despite taking multiple photos on the road leading right around the edge of the caldera lake, and the conditions set to night, dry season, heavy participation, then giving the photos names, saving them, sharing them, the accolade didn’t pop. I can’t think of anything else to try. Did anything work for you?


I’ve been trying to get this one with zero luck. I’ve tried many times with different cars, and yes, during the snow storms.
Yet another broken element in the game.

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Same problem here. Even after weather was selected “Heavy Precipitation” in the eventslab and lots of snow began to fall, nothing happened for me still.

For those asking, no I never got this solved unfortunately. I’ve tried multiple eventlab races that specifically say it’s setup for the accolade but it doesn’t work. I think it’s just busted as a whole, another one to add to the list.

This is “just” another broken accolade… There are a lot broken! But instead of fixing these stupid bugs, they focus on banning people for driving 20+ laps Goliath…


In my localization it says that you have to make a picture of a car while it is snowing. So may be not broken but not the fitting climatical surrounding.

1st of all, event lab or super7 will never trigger photo accolades, so we can only take it during original play.

And, I think the requirement requires “during snow”, which means need to raining during DRY season. And it looks extremely rare.

I am not sure whether next season (spring season) night raining will become snowing. Maybe we could give it a try.

Or we need to wait a seasonal match during dry season (winter season) around the volcano, and set as raining. Maybe take photo during the match should work.

Who knows… I committed the ticket last Thursday but not received the response yet.

Definitely wrong, event lab can trigger photo accolades.

Mine says I’m at the volcano when I’m halfway across the map away from it.

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Same here. Definitely bugged…

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Still bugged for me after the update.

Yep, it’s still on the Known Issues List as “some players may not be able to complete” or words to that effect. Clearly, it works for some but not others so it’s not something that we have to, for example, wait for the Holiday Series when, presumably, there will be a lot more snow around

I interpret these words only in that way, that not everybody has open a support ticket for that. I mean it is stated on the support page itself that you should only file a ticket for bugs not mentioned on the known issues list. And of course they would stated it as “some players” as they do for almost every bug. Just thinking not every single Forza Horizon 5 player has tried to get this accolade already… :wink:

So if only half of all players even tried to finish that accolade and getting over that bug, means on the other hand that a half of the playerbase didn’t even noticed this bug. So only players that want to complete cannot complete aka some players not all as not everyone are aware of this accolade at all… :wink:

Fair point. I was just trying (badly it seems lol) to make a point that it’s the Accolade itself that is bugged rather than needing to wait for the Holiday Series…if it was a Series dependent Accolade, then it wouldn’t be on the Known Issues list, much less saying some may not be able to complete

As we had at least two accolades, where the needed cars are not yet in the game, it could be that the accolade for stay frosty was implemented before it could completed too.

Like the van picture taken in the main village forza promo challenge this week I would not surprised if it could be one of the photo challenges of the next season. Done some of these picture accolades before but they only permanently registered as done for the weekly challenge.

You may be right, that they didn’t put that to the known issues list, if my argumentation would be right. Mostly they propably had put it the to the list where the issues were mentioned which are “bugs” by design like the missing supra shifting animation or the barn find Jag as Super Seven reward…

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Interestingly, I could never get the van picture Accolade to complete successfully…however, I took the picture of the van for the Playlist and it marked off the accolade as complete…and this was before the Update so who knows