Static sounds during races only.

Has anyone experienced static noises during races when playing the game. I dont get any static/electrical interference noise in the game menus or any other time using my xbox one including twitch, tv, or any apps. The copy of Forza 5 I have is a digital copy that came with the console. I thought it may be the display settings for the tv (brightness,etc) but that has no effect. Its definitely not my Yamaha receiver cause I have no issues at all watching cable, blurays, smart apps on my samsung tv, or on my ps3. Any ideas or suggestions?

I have experienced static/noise on Halo Spartan Assault recently. When trying to recreate it, I failed but it happened when the game was returning from playing a level when I pressed “Quit to Menu” and in the process also turned off the Xbox. On resuming my Xbox, the game was in Main Menu and hissing at me like a cornered wildcat.

Did you powercycle the console already and/or have you tried switching HDMI-leads? Like, put the One on the HDMI that is currently used for your PS3 and vice versa?

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Forgive me for not knowing, but what’s a power cycle? Or maybe I know already but call it something different?

Xbox on. Hold power button on console for 5 seconds until it powers off. Wait 30 to 45 seconds. Turn on again using power button on console.

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Ahh, ok thanks for that info

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I did try swapping the HDMI although I knew that wouldn’t solve anything. I just did a powercycle and low and behold, no more static issues. Feel like an idiot for not doing that before. I just bought this console 6 weeks ago mainly for Forza and still learning the ins and outs I guess. I did notice the noise never happened until this last update. Thanks for your help and race on buddy.

I have the same problem and also with video. The video portion seems to skip like a cd. Very brief interruptions but ocurrs about three times every 4 seconds or so. Thought it might be th hdmi cable but that didn’t solve the problem. I just turned the game off and said to hell with it.

i hear crinkles and popping but sounds like car’s crashing to each other but i’m usually alone with the nearest guy way behind or infront of me.

Yes OMG how annoying??? However that only occured on Monday it has recently stopped now.

i power cycle my console every couple of days and i still get static noises in all menus on forza and in race it only happens with this game?

Mine just started doing exactly that today while I was tuning what the hell man? It’s so annoying I just can’t play it with that crap happening tried everything but it won’t stop. I’ll try again tomorrow but if it doesn’t stop I guess I’ll just have to wait till horizon 2 comes out.

I am still getting this Static noise and its ANNOYING? Anyone?

Cant they just update the software for this game and get rid of this Static ridiculous noise please.

I have a come to relise that this static sound only happens when the other cars are near you and appearing on the screen???

Some of the sound people are referring to is actually crackling from other cars engines. It’s supposed to be in the game. However there appears to be a bug where sometimes it gets stuck in a loop and becomes distorted.

I hear it every once in a while when in a race. It is definitly static, seems to get louder when the engine gets reved up. The only solution i have found is power cycle. The HDMI cable I’m using is the one that came with the xbox.

The racing guys I race with some of them get it a call it the sound glitch and they get really annoyed by it.

The HDMI cable should be going into your TV or your amp directly, whichever sound output you’re using. Not guaranteed if it will make pops and crackles go away, but it might. Also try lowering the in game volume. Worked for FM4, might work for 5 too.

I found that turning my console off wasn’t enough. Loading up a different game, then reloading Forza 5, solved the problem. Forza is pretty much the only game I play on my Xbox One: perhaps it is a memory leak or corruption in the sound buffer.