Starting Horizon 3 Over

My apologies if there’s an obvious solution I missed, I did some searching and came up with nothing.

I’ve completed the final showcase event - there’s still plenty to do, but I’d like to start the game over and do some things differently on a second playthrough (particularly never enabling Horizon Promo). It appears that due to the “always connected” functionality of the game, this is not possible. There were some tricks for PC users to reset the game, but nothing for xBox users. It does seem kind of odd to present it as “play through once and never again” - unless of course I’m missing something! I tried removing the save from the xBox itself, but it won’t allow me to access saves - it asks to clear all saves from the entire console across all games, or nothing at all.

I believe the simplest solution would be to register another Gamertag on your Xbox and use that.

Otherwise you’d want to look into deleting the save that’s on the Xbox server - the cloud save.

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It looks like I’ll have to see about removing the cloud save! I was considering starting a new gamertag but that was going to be an absolute last resort.

You realise you lose all progress and cars yeah?

Go to my games and apps.

On the FH3 tile press the menu button and choose manage game.

Go to the saved game, press menu button and choose delete saved game.

Then choose delete everywhere.

You are correct, and that’s exactly what I wanted. Just got it sorted out!

There were some different ways I wanted to progress through the game on a second playthrough. What order I opened and upgraded festival locations, using different cars and strategies for a more satisfying 100% playthrough. Plus never enabling Horizon Promo, which I find really annoying. I had finished the final showcase but only had a 21% completion at that time, so I wasn’t losing much. Starting the game again with a better grasp of it from the beginning (I hadn’t played Horizon since the first one) to 100% will be great!

Thank you for the help!

You will lose all your gifted cars and probably won’t receive your loyalty cars again either

I wasn’t all too concerned about that to be honest.

Off and running on my new playthrough. Much better!

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