Starting Grid Position?

What determines starting grid position when playing online?

I’ve won the first race in the 70s grand prix, started the second race in first position and I’ve won the race, started the 3rd race in 2nd position and I’ve won the race, then started the 4th race in 6th position.

Why does it push me back to 6th? It would be nice if the fastest racers with least collisions start up front so we can have a proper race, while the rammers start at the back.

From what I know of Starting Positions are determined by clean laps, and finishing position. I am thinking I am missing something but, I am not sure what I am missing.

Not sure if this has been confirmed but grid ordering as far as I am aware is now determined by fastest CLEAN lap in the previous race. However there could be some algorithm working in the background that moves you back if you win too many races, I don’t know.

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OK that sounds about right. Because when I lead for a long time, I tend to start in pole position. Whereas if I steal the lead at the end and there’s been a few bumps, I will start further back so it probably does have a lot to do with how clean your lap is. They probably wanted the clean racers at the front and dirty racers further back.

It seems that it doesn’t always work, my first race of the day yesterday I finished first and had the only clean lap of 20 people, then at the start of next race I got to start in 20th.

As far as I can tell the theory of fastest laps only applies in League races. Online hoppers seem to be totally random. If there is some some sort of system I can’t tell you how it works.

I have a feeling grid placement is somehow tied to your overall performance while in a lobby. The better you do, the further back in the pack you start in subsequent races. The game probably figures that if you are doing well aka coming in first consistently, that you can use a bit more of a challenge. On the other hand if you are doing poorly, it’ll start you closer to the front on subsequent races in an effort to help you win. I could be completely wrong, though…

When they implemented starting the subsequent race in the order of lap times from the previous race I believe they said it was only for the higher groups. It may only be that way in Elite and Pinnacle and in the other groups it may still be random. It was previously just always random. Are those observing that they don’t start at the front after turning the only clean lap in a group lower than Elite?

I can confirm D class standard hoppers are structured this way.

I’m in pinnacle and I’m far from the fastest driver out there but it’s def happened to me twice. Either fastest clean lap and start in the very back or only clean lap and start in the back. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s a real bummer.

What I’ve noticed:

New players to game sometimes start up front. Other times they start dead last. Treatment appears to be inconsistent but usually new players start last.

Fastest clean lap starts first.

Fastest dirty lap starts after all those who ran a clean lap.

Therefore if you corner cut, you better make sure you draft others or you’ll be somewhat disadvantaged the next race.

If youre shooting for the thru the pack achievement, drive really slow the previous race. Boosting for this achievement should be easier as result.

I am still a newbie in this game but from what I have seen you still get wrecked even if you are the 1st place car at the start. I have had it happen countless times now and its getting annoying. Even the 2nd place guy driving me off the track into the sand in the first corner. Then of course there is the full speed punts given that wipe you out, but not the guy who hits you, he just bounces off you and keeps going, which is totally unrealistic.

I get much better lap times playing the computer or the “Rivals” part of the game. I totally understand accidents in this game, it the full speed punts that I don’t like.

I have observed a similar thing as someone mentioned above…the newest racer in the lobby tends to be placed first or last. Not in-between. And it’s usually last.

I think it’s related to how clean your lap is, however I’m finding that difficult because some corners it’s impossible to stick to the track whilst getting competitive times. The two sharp turns on Prague are a good example. Everyone just goes straight over them and all your laps are recorded as dirty, not clean.

If the lap is dirty does it account for why the lap is dirty? Drafting seems to be inevitable in most races.

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All hoppers were updated last night (Friday) to order the grid by fastest lap. Clean laps trump dirty laps. New players should be gridded after randomly.


What do you mean by that last sentence? It could be read two ways:

  1. After the clean and dirty laps are accounted for the new players are placed randomly (anywhere on the grid)


  1. New players are gridded randomly after the last placed player (so they’re all at the back of the grid)

IMO 2) is better and what most people are asking for, but 1) seems to be the way it often works, and isn’t so good.

Thanks for the confirmation there mate. That seems like a good way of going about it and might encourage those who are unable to win a race for one reason or another to race cleanly to get a good start (in theory) for the next race.

I’m still not sure what you mean about where people start when joining a lobby though. I’ve got to say I tend to get that sinking feeling when joining and starting in pole position

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Nice one! No more starting in the middle of the filfy casuals.

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I have noticed in Leagues that when I join a room I get put towards the front, ahead of those that raced previously.

Best lap ordering is a very much needed addition and i have benefitted massively after it’s implementation,i believe it was a change worth coming although the thrill of starting on the back of the grid and scything through the pack and coming to the podium or better is something that i will start to miss…