Starting a random race theme lobby.

Been interested in running a race series consisted of various race theme lobbies such as.

American cars, pre 1980, B class
Japanese cars, 1990-2000, A class
Hot hatch, 1980 and up, C class
Classic European, pre 1980, C class
etc etc etc.

If anyone’s interested in joining in on this idea, let me know. I’ve started a time attack club as well, if anyone’s interested in joining. (clTA - Club Time Attack)
I just want to keep the Forza 4 lobby packed with actual racing and keep it interesting, without getting all these leaderboard cars in the mix.

I’ve got a few cars I’ve been using that I like that fit that first description. I use a 70 Chevelle a lot in B. And then I just built up a 69 Nova I like. I’ll race with you. When and where?