Starting a new Paint Booth

Hello everyone,

I do know that for those that still remember me from the FH3 days I haven’t been the most diligent in sharing paints or photos. However, I am posting a new paint booth in order to start off the new game. I won’t be perfect, or often post here, but I’ll try to stay consistent in sharing with all of you.

First One Up!

AMG Sport
Golden Standard

This car here is the first specialty dealer car I got and also the first car I mad a livery for as well in FM7. This one in particular was based on an AMG GT livery I downloaded in FH3.

Hoonigan 124
Hoonigan 124

Yet again I try to make manufacturer decals. This one was based off of the San Pedro Martir Hill Climb car Sara Price ran in Field Trip 010 on youtube.

Dragon Tear
Blastin' Boxer

I finally made a type of character on Forza, none in general but what do you know about that! It’s a dragon tear design I made for the 911 Turbo S, which was actually made in FH3 about two days ago soon after completing my previous forzathon then importing it into FM7 on the same day.

Feel free to go to my storefront if you want and see what I’ve made, I’ve also imported some of my FH3 liveries and my FM5 liveries. Even FM6! Hopefully I’ll be able to post on this more diligently this time around.

In the meanwhile have a surfer’s truck I made in FH3!!

Good Wood

Here’s my Carthrottle page: Link

OOH BOY!! New Livery!

This one actually is based on the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Here it was before adding the top

Now here it is finished

PyeongChang Olympics

Finally Some New Liveries

Alright it’s that time again. Three new liveries for the taking!

Yellow w/stripes

Nice ACR

This one is based on a Viper ACR I saw in real life in the Audrain Auto Museum. My visit to Audrain Auto Museum in Newport, RI

Modern Quattro

Throwback R8

I love how it came out. I thought it was too sketchy but it turned out better than I thought it would. It’s based on the first two generations of the Quattro in rally.


2 Cars 1 Podium

(Take a wild guess why I named the picture that) This livery I made four weeks ago but I was feeling giddy from a recent livery I made (which is in the R8 I made).

Alright, new uploads today!

Again, I apologize for such irregular uploads.

Hamilton 44

F1 Copy

My first attempt at an F1 livery. It’s not perfect but it’s something.

Minella Drifter (manila is spelled wrong and I apologize for that)


I wanted to use manila because I haven’t seen many liveries use the color for a drift car.

Martini 928 (I realized later this is supposed to say 924, I will fix this the next time I go on)

Porsche Racing

Yup, I gave in to the Martini fever.

Antique Rod


Another paint job with manila, but this one was actually based on a VW Beetle that I would see every now and again when I was in High School.

Sauber 4C

Alfa in Crowd

The filter takes away some of the detail from the livery; like the fade from white to black on the top and sides and the Sauber logo on top of the hood. I just liked how the color looked here with the filter on. Granted this was the best I could do reinterpreting the Sauber Alfa Romeo on one of their road cars.