Staring a new club only serious cruises drifter and drivers

Hello I’m F0RZAVETERAN but call me alex, Iv been jumping from club to club trying to find one that is active and cruises and just hangs out on a regular this club will consist of a drifting cruising and my personal favorite RENACTMENT for example one of the fast and furious story’s or and other one that someone comes up with, again this is a serious club on a laid back structure.

Requirements are yourself

2.remeber this is going to be a friendly club so please don’t be a dick or you will get the hammer

  1. There will be a schedule of the events posted in the club messages for the weekly events and there days times and such

  2. This is a big one AGE. There will be no age requirement as long as you are not a bother

  3. Fun if you run it to a problem be an adult and just leave it alone

And the last one 5. HAVE FUN AND BE NICE!

now to join all you have to do is msg me on xb1 my gt is F0RZAVETERAN I’m all ways on to respond the club will be us called freedom the clan tag is cr_z

Ranks are earned by loyalty