Star Card problem

On the “Superstar Explorer” Star Card, Ive smashed all 200 bonus boards but it only shows 105/200 , and Ive done all 22 Beauty Spots but it says 10/22. So I cant complete this card. Any idea what to do?

you need to go lego valley to find the rest as i did you will also get the last barn find

you need to go to lego valley to finish it off and you will also get to last barn find

I’ve done lego valley, and the barn find. Fortune island too.

How do you know that you smashed 200 Bonus boards?

Thats easy, in game on the Hirizon Life tab you hit “stats”
On the discovery tab it shows bonus boards smashed 200/200

Not all bonus boards are displayed on the map, the rest only appear if you get close to them.

There are maps which show the location of all the bonus boards easily found via google.


I’ve previously submitted a support ticket for this, you should do the same on the support tab/site.

This is the reply i got of things to do,

Please try the following things for the platform you’re playing on and try to sync your save after each step:

If possible try to load your save on a different device. (A different PC or Xbox)
Please restart your PC then load your game to sync data.
Please try to manually update the game and any DLC using the Microsoft Store.
UWP Reset Application
Windows>Settings>Applications>title>Advanced Options>Reset
Uninstall then reinstall the game and any DLC.

If possible try to load your save on a different device. (A different PC or Xbox)
Make sure the console has the most up to date OS version installed.

Please try manually updating the game and any DLC using the Store/Games & Apps.
Try pressing and holding the power button on your console until it turns off, unplug it from the power supply for 10 minutes, plug it back in and see if it continues.

Resync your save to the cloud?
Go to Manage Game > Saved Data > your profile > Delete from console.
Do not select Delete from Everywhere as this will delete ALL of your data.
Relaunch the game and let it sync to the cloud.
Reset your console by going to the system’s settings, console info, reset console and choose the option “Reset and keep my games & apps”

Uninstall then reinstall the game and any DLC.
Uninstall the game. After the game is uninstalled, uninstall a couple different games/apps or install some games/apps so that when you reinstall the game, it’s installed to a different part of the HDD.

If you get the message to pick between save files please note the wording is confusing. The date is when the save was created, not when it was last saved.

My ticket is still open after 6 months, I had just bought a new xbox and did a new install and sync before i submitted ticket so i personally didn’t go through the ‘fix’.

Lastly I was asked to send screen shots and received this reply…

“We are currently investigating this issue and I’ve added your information to our investigation. I am marking this ticket as “on-hold” as we do not require more information from you for our investigation. We will send out an announcement to the Community when we have a resolution.”

Anyone with this same problem should submit a ticket to hopefully help find a fix.
My issue might be different or the above might work for you. They might even have different things to try as it was 6 month ago i submitted my ticket.
Thankfully it’s not a game breaking issue. Just annoying.
My in-game star card also says i’ve not driven all the roads but stats, maps and records show i have.

(i have definitely driven all the roads, smashed all the boards and viewed all the beauty spots).