Standard Ed owners: only a few hours to go!

So lads, start your engines, cos’ for us regulars, the game’s bout’ to go live!

Gosh, I hope there are no updates to deal with after launching the game. Ya think?

I’m on Xbox One, preloaded: 47.3 gigs.

There’s a 4.7 GB update if I recall.

On top of the 47.3 install size? Well… crap!

If I switch on my console now will it download the update beforehand? Or do I have to launch the game once it goes live to get this update?

Mine came up on launch of the game.

Mine didn’t!

I’m playing it. Still at 47.3 gigs, didn’t prompt for an update. I’m on Xbox One, digitally preordered copy, standard edition.

I had the same experience as Speed Demon996; preordered Digital standard edition; was able to log in this morning at 4:30 (central time) with no update, was able to play immediately. Hope the same goes for you…