~~StanceEast~~ Meets, Cruises, Drifting [S&E]

We are a new and growing club that focuses on realistic style meets and cruises based out of North America. We also go through an application process of all members to ensure the best experience

~To join just simply join the club [S&E] and add and send me a message on xbox live to begin the application process, or drop your gt down below and ill send you a message!

GT Skritec (Xbox 1)


Events included in this group such as
Drag Racing
Gumball style events
Stance Wars style events
Car shows
Much more! 

~~Current Members~~
Skritec ~ co-leader
Kiggzy ~ co-leader
iKroNic AmP
Blind Dark Mp5


To Ensure we have good members in our group we go through an application procees that will go over these rules below

1. All cars must have a license plate on their car when in a group cruise or meet with the exception if your car cannot be equipped with one
2. No overtaking(passing) during a cruise unless your on a highway or returning to your position in the cruise if safely done
3. No tailgating other cars-keep a 2 car distance between the car ahead of you at all times
4. Only pass an AI when safe to proceed
5. When on the highway you are allowed to pass and go as fast as you wish as long as you wait for leader of the cruise at the highway exit
6. Respect all road rules
7. Users most use Whatsapp for our main communication through the group 
8. Try to prevent rear ending as we try to be as realistic as possible
9. No unrealistic cars that you cannot purchase in real life (Concept and prototype cars)
10. Slow down through intersections and give the right of way to the AI

More Club Information

We have special banners and stickers that you can apply to your car if you wish. Simply go to add a vinyl sticker and search *stanceeast* and a few will come up

Our group uses whatsapp for organizing all events and communicating as mics can get annoying and hard to communicate. Along with whatsapp we use straw pools to vote on things such as themed meets and other various things.

Google Smart Glass is also recommended and will be needed to you can copy the link to go through the application

We are a group focused on stanced cars but still cruise with super cars and off-road vehicles etc.

We are based out of North America but all from other areas are invited as long as you can speak/write English

~~Remember to send me (Skritec) a message to get the link to the application process and to review the rules above as thats what you will be tested on!


As you will read below I used to be part of RM&C. I loved my time there but taking part in their events were hard due to big time zone differences. Because of this i did take a few good elements/ideas from their group but no i did not copy their whole group. Our group is in no way trying to steal members from them as we are actually targeting a whole different audience; North American
Stance cars
These are aspects that they do not focus on and almost avoid and that is what stanceast targets. So if your not looking for a group that focuses on such events and style we recommend applying to rm&c as they are a fantastic group of guys.

Skritec was a former RM&C member before he created his own club. As the leader of the RM&C club this is absolutely not a problem for me and I also cooperate with other leaders and organize club meets with them, but the problem is that he basically copied our club and some of our club elements like the rules (even the minimum safety distance is the Same, highway rule etc.), Whatsapp group, application process, events and even the forum page design is identical and even the name is similar. I don’t think that players would choose a copy over the original.