Stabbing the gas

I haven’t been online much recently, too many other things that have taken priority, but finally getting back into the swing of things. I have a question, pretty sure I know the answer already but would like some feedback from the community just in case I am missing a trick that could improve my lap times.

I have noticed a lot of guys online don’t take corners with a smooth application of the gas pedal - the literally stab at it the whole way round the corner. When you are in a tight squeeze with a couple of them, it sounds like a swarm of bees! I was always taught not to touch the gas until you know you don’t have to lift off it again (or in the case of longer sweeping corners, hold the gas steady then increase it as you come out of the corner).

Is there really any time advantage to stabbing the gas, or is this just a sign of inexperience/impatience from the drivers? Or is it even just a sound glitch and everyone is doing it the way I think is correct? I have mostly been in A class lobbies, but I guess it is being done in other classes as well?

I play with the gas all the time around corners. It just depends on the corner, car, and what line you took. Not sure if this is what you mean. I think my mini cooper is the only car I can mash the gas through a corner.

I get that sometimes you have to balance the gas during the turn to keep maximum momentum, but these guys online are literally going from no throttle, to full throttle, back to no throttle - multiple times during a turn. They are probably hitting the trigger 2 to 3 times a second.

As I mentioned in my thread, I can only comment on FWD. However, my times certainly saw improvement when I went from “stabbing” the gas to steady controlled applications. If I take a corner at say 30% throttle and maintain that all through the turn, that’s definitely faster, IME, than stabbing the gas. With RWD, I’d think it would be even more so the case.

They are probably engaging the TCS like crazy too… better to be controlled with no tcs than just let the assist carry you though.

I knew my understanding was right… Its really annoying hearing the sound more than anything!

I do that periodically but that’s just by mistakes… I try to stay smooth but I lobbies that’s just not possible… smooth is faster though so u are correct

It is never part of my plan to pulse the gas but sometimes it is needed if I get my turn in wrong. Sometimes I just have to add some gas or brakes mid turn to shape my turn properly.

Also some tunes hate some turns so the gas can help even though taking the corner a different way would result in no gas being needed.

Agree with the last two posts, but on long sweeping turns it is almost impossible (for me at least) to have the right pressure on the gas pedal throughout the entire turn so I always find myself “stabbing the gas” … the carousel at road america is a perfect example.

It’s quicker to have some throttle most of the time especially with RWD if you’re coming off the gas for a corner, after braking usually, then a little 20% throttle helps maintain grip for when you then reapply more throttle. Stabbing the gas could be because they’re getting more turn in each time they apply the throttle or that those players aren’t able to be smoother is my guess. There’s actually so much you can do with the throttle that I would perhaps forget about them and race your style. Aim for smooth transitions between brake and acceleration trigger and learn to apply various pressures. It’s faster if you can hold a line and the throttle than keep punching the throttle. Imagine a car poised to just go that’s has little movement during cornering! Rather than a car that’s jerking around the corner transferring more weight around the car with accel and decel than what’s necessary. It’s more work and usually slower to drive like that.