Spring XSX stuttering?

Is it me or during Spring Horizon has stuttering every few seconds? I don’t play too much recently so I am not sure if it’s new or my console is broken or the game can’t do smooth FPS anymore?

Try disconnecting from horizon servers and see if it clears up? Could be a network problem rather than a bug or fault!

That’s true, big stuttering was with network related stuff from start. OK, I will try solo. But I noticed before start of the races are with frame drops and it’s new.

On PC, at least, the game has never held a good frame rate in the pre-race animations. You can have a PC that can do 200fps in the races, but it will still have inconsistent frame rate for the pre-race bits. Digital Foundry commented on it in their video, so it’s not new for XSX.

The only stuttering I get is in the loading screens, isn’t that what DF meant? If not then I didn’t see that video. But I don’t think my actual game stutters at any time except a couple of times briefly while loading, which is of no consequence and quite a few other games do that when pulling data off SSD fast.

Do you have the option turned on to show frame rate? I’d be surprised if you’re getting a solid 60fps during the pre-race animations. Those are what I thought DF was talking about, as they’ve always been lower frame rate for me, on multiple CPUs and GPUs.

I didn’t have FPS turned on but I’d have noticed stuttering. I’ve just gone and tried it with FPS turned on and it confirms there is no stuttering except during loading which is what you’d expect. I’m not sure exactly what part you are referring to as pre-race animations. But give me a few minutes and I will upload a quick short video.

Here you go… - YouTube

At 37 secs in the video you can see it drop to 58fps.

Would you have known that from looking, if not for the FPS counter? I think most people would say the game doesn’t stutter in that video, apart from the loading screen with the camera rotating around the car.

From watching a youtube video, no, I wouldn’t notice as they often have all sorts of issues. In actual gameplay, yes, I’d see it on a fixed refresh rate screen as it would be two instances of it dropping to 30fps in a second. With variable refresh rate it wouldn’t be noticeable.

You can see it’s what DF is talking about here (6 mins):

I should add, I don’t think it matters. I don’t know why the frame rate drops there, but as you’re not driving at that point, it’s just a minor cosmetic issue.

It’s “normal” behavior… hard to capture in video but it looks bit like ‘slow-motion’ effect

Noticed in:

+Before Race starts
+ForzathonLive Driftzone at Festival (extreme)
+ForzathonLive in Dark
+TeamAdventure on multiple tracks (‘ambleside village street’ at night in snow there are some cars not displayed only name is flying over the track not sure if it is to maintain +30fps but played this track only 2 times since beginning)
+AI is driving behind you (more on streetscene tracks)
and more (tested with rtx3090/xbsx)

there is also the network thingy where it freezes for 1+sec