Spring Showcase is Impossible

So the Spring Showcase event is the Ford Fiesta RC vs Motorbikes from the starting sequence. But…I cannot beat it. Normally, Showcase events are scripted so that they’re SUPER close, but if you are have way decent and hit your marks, you’ll win. This one, though…It’s like if I get close to Blue, it just shoves him ahead. And since he’s on a bike, he has better acceleration than I do. So…do I have to murder him on the last corner?

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Not impossible.

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Did it in 1 try, far easier than the winter one…


Turns out it does really matter if you win or not. The game says I completed. And if it doesn’t care, then I don’t care. Do wish it would stop bugging me about my difficulty setting, though.

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the train one during winter was the only one I didn’t win. its all about momentum and smooth driving, I suck in the snow though so im fine with being done with winter for a week.

Yeah the winter one took me 3 attempts to win, all the others nailed first time

I have only done the Hovercraft Showdown, and it said I won by a couple hundredths of seconds despite the fat hovercraft taking up the entire finish line… and then the game crashed during the various results screens.

Right? Should’ve named that event Road Hog. Couldn’t hardly get round the thing at all across the finish line. Pretty good showcases thus far. I found fh3 unappealing, this one seems better for some reason. Time will tell

All showcases have been super easy for me so far? :man_shrugging:t2:

Bikes, hovercraft, train

Haven’t had an issue

For some reason they really upped the difficulty in the Spring Showcase. It’s the same race as the Spring section of the intro. The latter is very possible to win, but the former is much more difficult, which is something I don’t get, because I can usually ace all Showcases and this is the only one in three Horizon games I haven’t been able to win on at least Expert difficulty.

Whatever happens before the final scripted sequence doesn’t matter. I’ve hit trees and spun out and all sorts of other bad driving and still caught the opponent – on unbeatable difficulty – so we could do the final scripted sequence together. The only thing that matters is what happens after that, and you’ll usually pass at the last possible moment to win by a couple tenths of a second. The train is the only one I’ve had to do twice because I messed up at the end


What you do for the first ~85% of the showcase doesn’t matter. In one of the opening season races I had cars come to a stop waiting for me to catch up because I took the scenic route. The only important bit is that final section of the race - just drive fast in that final ~10-15%, don’t hit the sides or big obstacles that kill your speed and you will win - always by some supposedly tiny margin for a dramatic finish.

When I did it one of the bikers beat me but the game still counted it as me coming in 1st place. :thinking:

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You gotta drive like a rally driver. :wink:

The only one I had any trouble with was the Winter one, which I just about lost on the first attempt. The last corner killed me. I won the second time, with a dead heat time to the thousandth of a second.

Same here. I had to decrease the drivatar difficulty for second try of winter showcase. I also took the second to last corner a lot better

I didn’t win until I turned ABS off. Had SC and TC off already, and I don’t know if it’s just because I had ran it already 12 times prior and it’s confirmation bias, but turning ABS off did it for me. and gave me an extra 5% to boot lol.


This did it for me as well. Tried twice with ABS on, then once with it off. With ABS off, I pushed ahead of the blue bike at the very end.

Didn’t matter what happened until then, and I could just hold accelerator down and steer and it was ez-pz.

Many thanks this worked for me!

I got it first try. Really didn’t think it was all that hard.