Spring #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and rewards through July 4

Starts June 27, 2019 at 7:30 a.m. Pacific
This is the fourth and final season of Series 10.

Next change: Series 11 Summer starts July 4 at 7:30 a.m. Pacific


Note that #Forzathon Shop prices have changed.

  • 625 FP Car: 2005 TVR Sagaris FE (existing Exclusive model)
  • 600 FP Car: 2018 Ford #25 Mustang RTR (existing Exclusive model)
  • ?00 FP Clothing: Modern Race Suit Blue
  • ?00 FP Emote: Sleepy
  • Wheelspins cost this series: 40 FP & 150 FP


  • 50% Spring Completion: Rimac C_Two (newly released Exclusive model)
  • 80% Spring Completion: Subaru WRX '04 (existing Exclusive model)- 50% Series Completion: Bentley Continental FE (existing Exclusive model)
  • 80% Series Completion: Cadillac Limo (existing Exclusive model)


Earn 100 FP from the weekly challenge plus 10 per Daily, plus Bonus for all, double for owning the Lake Lodge

Weekly Challenge: [must be done in sequence to count]

  • Own and drive any Modern Sports Car
  • Earn 3 stars at the Moorhead Wind Farm Speed Trap in a Modern Sports Car
  • Earn an Airborne Pass Skill in a Modern Sports Car
  • Achieve 2 podium finishes in Road Racing Series events in a Modern Sports Car

Daily Challenges: (72 hrs each, complete in any order or simultaneous)

  • Complete a Cross Country Event
  • Earn 2 Awesome Air Skills
  • Earn 2 Great Drafting Skills
  • Earn 1 Daredevil Skill
  • Earn 3 Ultimate Air Skills
  • Complete a Dirt Scramble event
  • Earn 1 Drift or E-Drift Skill


The Trial Co-Op Championship: “Porsche Cup” | Horizon Festival Circuit | 100-998 Porsche vehicles

  • Reward: Porsche Cayenne '18 (existing Exclusive model)

Seasonal Playground Games: Express North Rail Yard | A800 Microcar Mayhem theme

  • Reward: Green Man Outfit

PR Stunt: Hilltop Vista Danger Sign | 620.1 feet

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: Hythe House Speed Trap | 195.0 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: The Bridge House Speed Zone | 110.0 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

Championship: Developer Routes | City Outskirts Cross Country | A800 Offroad

  • Reward: Ford Raptor '11 (existing Exclusive model)

Championship: “Back to the 90s” | The Monument Wynds Street Scene | S1 1990s vehicles.

  • Reward: Ferrari F50

Championship: “Holden to Your Hats” | Ashbrook Apex Street Scene | C600 Holden vehicles

  • Reward: Wheelspin

Monthly Events

  • Monthly Rivals: Astmoor Heritage Circuit
  • Online Adventure
    Completing the monthly events applies their completion percentage to all four seasons in the Festival Playlist.



  • The Trial Co-Op: “The Island Trail” | Westwick Castle Scramble | 601-800 Modern Rally
  • Championship: Southland Super Scramble | C600 Classic Rally
  • Championship: Fortune Forest Circuit | S1 Super GT
  • Championship: Fenholm Scramble | A800 Sports Utility Heroes
    PR Stunts
  • Festival’s Apex Speed Zone | 155.0 mph
  • Halcyon Point Trailblazer Start Gate | 42 seconds



  • The Trial Co-Op: “Rally in the Rain” | Lighthouse Scramble | S1 Rally Monsters
  • Championship: “Grasshoppers” | Brickchester Tour Cross Country | B700 Offroad Buggies
  • Championship: “Soaking Wet Super GTs” | Brick Tree Sprint | S1 Super GT
  • Championship: “Spring Rally Tour” | Area 7052 Trail | B700 Modern Rally
    PR Stunts
  • Festival Rush Trailblazer Start Gate | 27 seconds


LL is not first


YES! Railyard games are the only sensible place to hold them. It wont be so bad this week

I managed 3 stars Moorhead wind farm speedtrap (modern sportscar weekly forzathon), with an Eagle Speedster V10 conversion.

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Earn 3 stars at the Moorhead Wind Far Speed Trap in a Modern Sports Car…best car and tune please.
Later I will try the Eagle Roadster but what is the tune called to get the V10 conversion?
I am in an X Class Porsche and about 15 mph off at the moment!

Pretty simple. Use the Ferrari 599xx Evo for all Speed Traps and Speed Zones.

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Eh? The weekly forzathon speedtrap challenge is in modern sports car.

I don’t download tunes. I make them myself. Go to custom upgrade, put in the V10. Add twin turbo. Upgrade all engine to max. Add best lightweight package, light driveline, race tires, lighter rims, race transmission. Apply upgrades. Go to tuning. Make gear ratio a little longer, should get to 248mph. Take the speedtrap from west heading eastward. Rewind if you come out of the turn slow, then straight on into the speedtrap, you should hit the 240mph requirement. There’s probably other modern sports cars that can do it, I didnt have luck tuning the Lotus to 240mph.

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Earn 3 stars at the Moorhead Wind Far Speed Trap in a Modern Sports Car.

And the eagle wont do, i tried for a while

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That doesn’t come up as a Modern Sports Car for me.

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I used the '15 Porsche Cayman GTS, easy peasy. Lots of tunes up that’ll max it out around S2 994 and do the job. I did a keyword search for a street tune and managed a win at the trials too.

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Still no 812 Superfast

Who cares? There are better cars out there. Life is all about variety unless you’re a mindless sheep.

And no I do NOT already own one, nor have I had one.


It’s one of my favorite cars. Good for you that you don’t care about it.


I hope you’re all ready for disappointment, because the 2019 Rimac C_Two can only do a top speed of 257 mph. This is due to you’re not allowed to change the gear ratios. And there isn’t an upgrade that allows gear ratio changes either. So PG told us a lie I guess to keep us playing. Cause they did previously said you could mess with the gears to get 300+ mph out of it. I feel like this car has a lot of potential if it wasn’t so restricted on how the gears work. I feel like if the gear ratios could be unlocked, it would be the first car in the game to get to 300 with only just it’s raw power. :slight_smile:


It will change your life completely. You can’t know it without the car.


I used the TVR Griffith for the speed Trap, v12 swapped it, which that v12 actually sounds great for whatever reason, and got like 240.69 mph, good enough.

For this challenge you need to pull a 3 start in a >>Modern Sports Car<< the TVR is a track toy…

i cannot find a car that did the 3 stars yen and i dont want to spend money on the dlc cars… so i guess this weekly challenge is a no go for me

Yep, good car, I got 241 mph.

Lotus evora and search for a tune

I used the Morgan Aero with the tune suggested on here earlier by ALB, worked second time I tried - no DLC cars, just 2 mi utes to watch the YouTube clip, and around 100k in credits to upgrade and tune the car.