spray paint

I try to change the colour of my cars it seems to work but once i save it and look at my cars in gone back to colour it was before i sprayed it?

When you paint the car, when you back out do you save to current car or save to design catalogue?

If you save to car, the paint will appear on that car - as it is, you may well have saved a ‘design’ which you can now apply to the car, by going to the my designs option under the customise menu.

Save to that car,but will have a look in my design thank you.

Didn’t work i changed the colour from red to white and can see it has changed colour i then save it then go to my garage and it gone back to red again,i have managed to change colours of other cars and they have saved ok and stayed the same colour i chose.

So is it a specific car you’re having a problem with? In your first post you said car(s) - if it’s a specific car, which model, year etc

it’s a laferrari 2013 and ford gt 2017

I havent had issues with those two cars

If you get in your La Ferrari, tab across to Customise, then select Paint Car, then Paint, Paint Body, Select colour you want, press B - Save to current car. That should work. I just bought an 800k Ferrari & worked for me. . .

Tried that it’s goes back to red every single time it’s starting to get annoying now.

Sounds it, sorry but it’s not an issue I can replicate from my end. Tried a few different ways and my car has changed colour (& stayed changed) each time.

If I could figure out if it’s something you’re doing differently, could maybe have told you where you’re going wrong. As it is, the steps I posted before should work.

Have you done a full re-boot of your box - see first sticky at top of forum if unsure how to go about that. Other than that, I don’t think I can help further.

Not seen any other people reporting problems like it - most players will have received the Ford GT if not the Ferrari - so would have expected a few more people running in to problems with it if it was bugged in some way.

Good luck


Brought a car changed the colour and that was fine then won a lotus e23 on the free spin tried changing that but got the same problem,if i reboot will i lose all my cars and credits?

No you’re not deleting your save or anything like that. Just back out of forza completely, then follow the re-boot/ power cycle process in that thread. I wouldn’t mess with deleting saves unless it’s absolutely the last resort.

I think it only the free cars i get that it doesn’t work on i brought one earlier and it was fine might just stick to buying them.