Sport Coupe league Monsoon

Who turned on the rain? A few rain tracks here and there is good but not every other track. Let’s see Maple Valley rev rain, Homestead Road rain, Brands Hatch rain, VIR south rain, Silverstone National rain, Suzuki West alt rain Sebring short rain and I think I am forgetting a few. Is this someone’s idea of a joke? All decent tracks IMO but too much rain. Also why is Road America East in every single league? Enough already, can’t we for once just have the full Road America track. Two straights is getting really old plus that Monza short which is like the same thing is always there too. Always. Spa would be nice as well and god forbid if we could ever have a Nordscliefe. Yas Marina - oh yes lets have at least 4 crappy cutters paradise versions every single time. Think about the division before putting in just whatever because that is what is going on. You are putting no thoughts into this at all and if you are they are wrong. How many times do I have to say this? You take a good division like Sport Coupe which is pretty popular and ruin it with one rain track after another and the same tired old tracks over and over and over again. Yea, no thanks. This could be easily improved but there has been no changes in the type of rotations we are getting in the last year. No improvements at all. It would be nice if some of you would add your thoughts, It cannot just be me who feels this way. Leagues could be made so much better just by making these track rotations something more than randomizing basically the same tracks again and again in a different order each week. All tracks should be represented, why are some not there ever? Stop worrying about race length, we don’t care. People sit in the whole session for 4 hrs, they aren’t going anywhere. If a track is 2 minutes longer no one will leave. Where did this ridiculous idea come from?
Sorry for the rant but this just isn’t getting through to anyone at T10. You can do better than this. If anything it has been getting worse. Turn 10 can ask for feedback on league rotations and see what people say and go from there. That way it isn’t just my opinion. Apparently that is not enough and that is ok but others feel the way I do. Biggest complaint I hear is track rotations. Together we can make the leagues more well rounded.