Spoofs of real liveries

I was a bit surprised that the two liveries I did yesterday have 43 downloads today for my “Team GulP” liveries. I thought the one for the Ultima was a bit retro and the one for the '16 Ford GT was a bit different than others so I shared them. Other than my Camaro “Ricky Bobby-Wonder Bread”, Transit “Andretti Driving School for the Blind” and my Lotus “Tag” liveries my others have been duds.

I’d rather be driving than painting so it’s nice to have them appreciated by someone.


I have some like that doesn’t bother me as I paint for myself not what others might like, unless am doing friends & requests then thats different. I paint alot I don’t care about the cr etc, etc I just love painting cars, I’ve done this since F3.

Even if I had 0 downloads am still happy as I’ve painted it and enjoy driving with my paint

Just enjoy painting I wouldn’t give it up, that would be a shame as I’ve looked at some of your paints.

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