Spoiler Alert?!?!?!

In all my time racing Le Mans, I just never noticed this until 2 minutes ago. Is it supposed to be there, and is it a spoiler of what is to come? In my opinion it should have been here the whole time but of course NFS (sorry mods) has to choke the market somehow!!!

Is that supposed to be there?

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It is part of the track in real life, there is a part named the Porsche curves too - and it has nothing to do with us possibly getting that brand of car in the game.

That is what the sign said when Turn 10 rescanned the track. In FM4 it says Peugeot. So no it’s not a spoiler. Porsche paid to have that sign changed.

Actual image …

I have to admit. For me, the forum would lose some of it’s charm if we didn’t get this exact thread at least once every few months.

But nope, it doesn’t mean anything. Like others have said, it’s just part of the track.


We didnt see a thread asking for rain in a while…

Yeah but they changed the Coca-Cola sign to Fizzy-Pop on Prague, so I think your on to something

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When did the sign in Prague ever say Coca Cola?

He does have a point!

It never was Coca-Cola.

As for the Porsche sign, EA’s license with Porsche would obviously not include Porsche signage at a track like Le Mans. This is not a sign (pun intended) of things to come.

They didn’t change anything, they just didn’t give coke extra advertising for free.

If you look at Barcelona the Coca Cola sing is there in all its glory, just as it is in real life.

Its been there from the start i think, or at least for months.

I do believe the sign was changed before last years Le Mans 24. I could be wrong, and If they changed this year, it could be because of their futher involvement in LMP1-H with the new 919.

He does have a point. I would of thought to have the Porsche name in the game turn 10 would of had to of had some sort of licensing for it? I could be wrong.

To use their names with the actual in-game vehicles … yes. To use actual real-life signage when the scanning is done at all the locations … I can’t see that any kind of licensing would be needed for all of the banners, signs and ads around the various tracks. You’d literally be talking about having to have thousands and thousands of licenses for that if you needed a license for every sign and logo found around all the tracks in the game.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, we will never be able to drive billboards in Forza, they don’t have any wheels


I have a PM just for you.

So much palm to the face.

There is a picture and a small right up of Patrick Dempsey’s Porsche 911 RSR in the rear view mirror,hmmm.