Split times

Why in the world did Forza change the split timers? They use to be green if you were faster, and red if you were slower. Now, its always blue and you have to read the time. I know its a little thing, but I’m older and have really lousy vision. Being able to look up and read the timer is such a distraction. I used to really rely on the color change to let me know how I was doing and never bothered looking at the time itself. This is a really simple thing that I would love to see patched in the game. It just made no sense at all to change it.



yea, it need to be fixed, it affects some people.

Agreed. I’m another that relied on the colour.

Also the removed times from Multiplayer: “Car behind +2,5sec” or sth needs to be back.

I never understand why they removed this feature since Forza 5…

It seems they working so hard to create a worse racing game with each literation…

The blue (+/-) is again a very very bad design decision… who is responsible for this?!

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Bring back red and green!

Yes, please change the color. It is distracting to look at the timer especially when close to a turn. You could even do blue for faster and orange for slower.