Split Screen Questions

Hey lads,

I’m relatively new to the Forza series. I picked up Forza 6 on Black Friday and I got to say I love it. There are a just two things that bug me and I don’t know if its something I’m doing wrong or if the game was just designed that way.

  1. No Split Screen Stats

When my friends and I play split screen and one of us finishes there is no indication that we have just won. Likewise when the race is over, the game just goes to the main menu with no race stats or replay, is that normal?

  1. Controller Pause

When one of us pauses the game, the other player has to unpause, is that also normal?


I’ve had it since day 1 and it has been like that from the beginning. Kind of a pet peeve. Also I don’t recall ever having replays on split screen on any forza. But I could be wrong. Fm3 might have my friends used to build cars when they’d come over and we would drag race. I know that was the last forza you could drag race in split screen. Which I liked cuz my kids didn’t have too tough a time staying straight. Alas no more fm4 didn’t allow split screen drag and I didn’t play 5 long enough to find out, probably didn’t. Maybe in the next game it’ll come back but I wouldn’t count on it. Split screens are being phased out to make more focus for online stuff.