Split screen false advertising on pc?

This game is advertised with shared/split screen capabilities. Where is it on the pc version?
And why are we as users have to dig online to find out that it does not, from a non-official post?
I want to be able to race and drift with a buddy to have FUN!! “FUN” a word that makes sense for a GAME!
I’m not a kid and some of us still have friends that come home for gaming (You know, when you are not staying alone all your life in front of a screen). So I prefer to buy a racing game that is split screen capable. But when you advertise your game as a split screen capable and is not, is misleading people.

I’m waiting for an official response…

“Split Screen on PC ? Just skip it, PC players have no acquaintance anyway”.

Huh? it says split screen, although i havent looked for it yet, i expected split screen for when my friends come over to play at my house.
it really isnt there?

It’s on my console, maybe you should get a console?

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There’s no split screen on the win 10 version

I Guess the OP’s post is that the fact that it isn’t on the PC isn’t that obvious on the Microsoft Store… I wonder how long it will be before they change the text is enough people point it out to them…

If you look at it on the store it’s due to some “unfortunate” formatting of the text…

FH7 Split Screen
by Peter Smith, on Flickr

If you click on More on the left hand text you will get “Features may vary between Xbox One and Widows version of game” but no info on what these are…