Splash Screen Problem

Sooo… I downloaded Forza Apex and when i try to play it, it will not go past the splash screen with the forza logo on it. I have reinstalled and reset my computer multiple times and still nothing. And i have the most up to date drivers for the game

Here are some of my pc specs:
intel 5820k processor
16gb ram


I’m having the same problem.

Event Log:

Same here.

I have the same problem, can anyone help us?

So far all I can tell, for me at least is that when the game is loading, and as soon as all 4 cores get maxed 100%, the game just crashes.

same here

You guys have all the latest WindowsUpdates and also latest gfx card drivers?

Also if you have a CPU with integrated graphics, check your BIOS setting or Intel / AMD / Nvidia setting to change your primary gfx card to the best one you have.