Spinning Red Circles in Place of Forum Avatars?

Is anyone else seeing everyone’s avatars have been changed to an annoying spinning red circle animation?

Yes it looked like they were going to add avatars to the Forums, and then they didn’t, maybe because of the virus.

Na it’s using http not https wich results in mixed content

“Mixed Content: The page at ‘Forza Player Card’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure element ‘404 - File or directory not found.’. This request was automatically upgraded to HTTPS, For more information see Chromium Blog: No More Mixed Messages About HTTPS

and loading from https fails NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

broken since ~2months…

This is annoying, I wonder why they don’t fix it. Makes it look like the forum is abandoned.


The state of the forum is mirrored by the state of the game. Profound neglect and disinterest from those who run this company.


It’s true, it’s a really strange company attitude. I used to love working on computer games, and my graphics got the highest score ever in magazines. The company I worked for all tried to be the best in the world. We made Activision games, and then Activision became huge, and moved to America. I didn’t want to move to America. But the point is that trying to be the best makes you huge!


It’s like the error that I keep getting when posting.

There has been a serious error loading the forum. No further information is available.
Please contact the administrator if this message persists.

I submitted a ticket about it ages ago - Seriously annoying !!

Considering this is THE site for a flagship game, it’s state is shocking. Forza Rewards are all but broken and rarely update; it’s one of the slowest sites I visit regularly; having to jump through hoops to make a post; avatars that for years you’ve been unable to change and now have broken completely; other users’ levels have also been broken for years… probably lots more I’ve not mentioned. How much effort would it take to make it an enjoyable experience??

Edit: Oh, at least the cookies message has finally gone after over a year lol

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Dont expect much from a company that cant fix disconnected errors in 2020. Not to mention the teredo tunnel which is a whole mess by itself.

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All this time, I thought it was just my connection.

I’ve been playing Forza games since FM2. It saddens me to see the forum fall to this level of disrepair. Back in the day, it was a great place to talk and hang out – it was fun. Now it feels broken and abandoned.

From ludicrous bans to unresolved bugs to broken forum features, my respect for Turn 10 is waning by the second.


Hopefully it’s because they’re investing so much time into FMS and H5…

I hope so, but to be frank, the lack of attention to existing issues, isn’t exactly making me want to chomp at the bit as it were, to get FH5 when released (if they can’t solve existing issues, what reason is there to believe the same or worse, won’t exist in future versions).

Software/web developer (for over 2 decades) and sceptic sides in me can’t help it :wink:

Trying to remain optimistic, but it’ getting harder day by day (pity too, played FH3 on and off for years, and only been playing FH4 for the past few months, but absolutely love it).


Ok, it’s not just me. It started for me a few weeks ago when I cleared my cache, and I thought it was just the privacy plugins i have in Firefox.

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Surely the work experience kid can be out to use to fix/speed up/rewrite the main forum for one of XGS flagship products.

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I have the same Problem. Chrome Browser on mobile Samsung S9. Started a few weeks ago…
Wonder if it will be fixed somehow. (Or when)