Spin it again perk?

So it says allows you to purchase extra wheel spins with credits, you don’t get the VIP bonus however. It’s a 5 Point perk to buy. Has anyone bought this does it tell you how many credits per spin and does it go up with each additional spin or is it a flat rate? I’m starting to accumulate a lot of cash because I typically don’t buy cars, I just run with what I get or win in the spins.

And let’s be honest, in a few months we’ll all have 20 million dollars like the other games. Although I do appreciate that the handouts now in the wheel spins for cash are a lot less. Seems like the amount of money winning in races has gone up which I appreciate. You should get paid more for the races and not a whole pile for the spins. I think it’s ridiculous that in Forza 6 the wheelspin has a million dollars in the middle.

I have it. It cost 100,000 per spin and each spin resets the wheel, so if you see a car you fancy in one spin, it might not be in the next spin.

Its $50,000 not $100,000


Wow so you can get 10 spins for a million bucks that’s a pretty good way to blow my money. Thanks for the details

To the people who have it, is it worth it? Do you end up making more in credits and cars than you spend on the spins?

Yes and no. You win some and loose some and get some good cars and some horrible cars.

Kind of, I “bought” a Horizon car by spending a little more than a million on spins, and whatever money I got in the middle, without counting the cars that I got besides the HE. It’s a way of getting some reward cars and some Horizon Editions and having a “random” reward without having to spend money on microtransactions.

I only did it when I had a few million I was willing to risk in order to snag a few Horizon Edition cars. I ended up losing 3 million credits, but won five HE cars, so I guess it was worth it. I don’t know what the going rate is for HE cars in the Auction House, but I’m willing to guess I would not have been able to get five HE cars for 3 million credits. If you’re only going for credits, don’t do it.

I have all perks. I’d say it’s worth it if you have a couple million and are feeling lucky everyonce in a while, but if your just starting out I don’t recommend using it because you will just get hooked on it.

I fully agree with this, speaking from my own experience.

In general I don’t have much luck with any wheel spins I only got one forza edition car some chip car and cash then I bought 5 spins to see if my luck changes and I got just even.