Speed reduction, steering lock, user created lobbies

I am a drifter and racer. When I drift, I like to take some of the side tracks. For example, the horseshoe in Road Atlanta limits your speed to 20-25 mph.

The steering lock is a problem for a lot of the drifters in the game. There should be an option in the Upgrade Menu to add an Angle Kit for drift cars.

Why are user created lobbies gone? That was one of the best features about Forza 4. Why would you take that out? Bring that back. Some people want to do their own thing instead of conforming to the tracks and rules given to us by the Forza creators.


This has already been mentioned 100 times.
And there is a thread for this type of suggestion/complaint.

Lets not fill the drift lounge up with pointless threads that are just going to get locked.