Speculation of a second Porsche car pack?

Now that we know Porsche is joining the Forza franchise with their latest announcement. We saw the very first ever Porsche car pack on Forza Horizon 3 which includes seven Porsche vehicles to collect with some of them new to the Forza series. Not to mention the upcoming forzathon rewards being Porsches this month and a possible Porsche barn find bringing in 4-5 more Porsche models. But what about the other Porsches that were in the developer list that was leaked back in January? Here are my speculations that could be a possibility for a second Porsche car pack or Porsche related content for Horizon 3 in the near future. But don’t take my word for it as these are just speculations and not facts.

Speculation 1. Their could be a second Porsche car pack.
With the first Porsche car pack that was released which covered some of the Porsche models in the Developer lists and another 4 Porsches to be rewarded with this months forzathons plus what could be another possible Porsche barn find. That leaves us with the rest of the Porsches on the dev list to be part of a possible second Porsche car pack in the near future.

Speculation 2. Their could be a Porsche expansion.
It might sound crazy but it could possibly be that the second expansion to Forza Horizon 3 will be a Porsche expansion as seen in previous Forza titles. Though I am hoping it would be more than just Porsches. Maybe a map expansion to go along with those Porsches or a new map itself with Porsches. Either way. It would be interesting to find out.

Speculation 3. The other Porsches will be rewarded in forzathons. Yup. It could be a possibility that the rest of the Porsches that were in the dev list could be forzathon reward cars as we see that April’s forzathons were built to reward us with Porsches in each one. Given the circumstances it is very likely that we will see more Porsche content in future forzathons.

Speculation 4. The other Porsche models were cut from the dev list.
the worst case scenario would be that the rest of the Porsches that were on the dev list could have been cut from the game due to unforeseen circumstances. Wether it be that there wasn’t a popular demand from the community or the budget for the liscencing wasn’t quite met for the other model’s. Whatever the reason, I hope this isn’t the case and that we will be seeing more Porsche content coming in the near future. Fingers crossed.

Well, there you have it. My personal speculations for what could be upcoming Porsche content in the near future. What do you guys think about the latest Porsche content? Me personally am enjoying the new Porsche car pack. Will their be more Porsche content in the future? I sure hope so. Because I am definitely ready for seconds.

Or they could carry them on as Forzathon rewards in May?

Edit: Just noticed you’d covered that one. That one would be most preferable. Though including them with a map expansion wouldn’t be too bad either.

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I was thinking there may be another Porsche car pack. Asseto Corsa has like 4 Porsche packs. Probably they are forzathon prizes but you never know. Fine with me, they could even throw a Porsche into any future car pack. Glad it was not the expansion and not tied to tracks or a part of the map that would require you to be in a Porsche like VIR in Forza 6 which is basically useless in Multiplayer. Nice work PG/Turn 10 you are learning.

The Horizon expansions never retired you to be in the cars that came with it though. So I’d out that would’ve happened had that been done here.

I know but if there was a map/Porsche expansion together you would possibly have to buy the whole thing in order to access any new areas. That was my worry.