Spectating Races & Watching Replays: Displaying Laptimes & Other Useful Data

While watching yesterday’s Formula E Race-Off Pro Series event I made a few comments regarding the way that Spectating and Replays work in-game and how they can be improved when it comes to eSports. Mechberg asked me to post feedback in a thread so here goes.

Incase you missed it, yesterday’s race can be viewed here.

Due to the current limitations of Forza Motorsport 6’s Replay and Spectate options, the following important information was missing:

  • Lap counter.
  • Position indicator.
  • Current driver/gamertag.
  • Laptime.

The following additional information is also not present:

  • Overall race time.
  • Minimap.
  • Gap to other drivers.
  • Rev counter and throttle/brake input.

This left the commentators and viewers uninformed, to the point where nobody knew how Qualifying was going until 10 minutes after it ended. During the race it was also difficult to follow the flow of the action.

All of the above information is already available in-game, through our normal UI when racing:

I am sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to display this information in Spectate/Replay Mode, after all it was present in previous games:

Here is what Gran Turismo 6 has when you spectate. There’s a lot of data here but with a button press you can remove the bottom row, leaving just the timers, map and position tower:

With Forza Motorsport 6 starting to become an eSports platform it gets closer to what racing fans see on TV every week. In order to bridge that gap some improvements will need to be made in terms of how we can watch races.


Hey PJ, not sure if I get this, is this guy saying all of the above snot available in-game?

As to my understanding, you can enable all those to appear in the HUD…

But obviously there’s no real spectators mode, right…?

Couldn’t differentiate one persons post from yours, so it’s late and haven’t slept for 48 hrs, so I’m a tad tired right now… Can you explain please mate. These old eyes are getting really scratchy right now lol…


In short: We have the HUD options when racing, but we don’t have them when spectating or watching replays.


I’m 100% with this. After taking part in the first Formula E ESL and coming second with Team Apex Racing. When watching our other drivers via stream is was rather difficult, in the end it seemed we were just watching the back of the pack while the battles were going on in the top of the grid which is where split times between players would have become useful.

At the same time I’ve seen this a couple times in the feature wishlist which I guess now with you creating a separate thread had previously been ignored to some extent, hopefully this and many of the other features that users provide feedback for will start to gain some attention and in the end maybe make its way into the game.

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There are so many “user tools” unavailable in FM6 it is like the Community Team never is recognized by the developers in relaying player input - or perhaps it just wasn’t presented. We need universal Search in Designs (it exists in Vinyls) across ALL makes/models of vehicles, and such things as marking “Favorites” is pathetic because, unlike FM4 for instance, you cannot even view your favorites to remove a gamertag or edit the list (wherever it is).

Nice “Sort” options, too. The process is a waste of developer man hours to create an option to receive “sorted by Date” results when there are NO dates anywhere in the first place. And what is “sorted by Group”?

Okay, I’m veering way off topic here, but we don’t seem to either have (1) a strong Community leadership any more which will stand up to the developers to result in highly requested things such as user created lobbies, a proper KICK controlled by the room leader, being able to Report replays which contain violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, or (2) perhaps the devs aren’t doing their jobs or operating in some soft of fantasy bubble without acknowledgment of player complaints. Or both.


+1 to this entire thing :).


i’m all in! hope this gets some attention :slight_smile:


I am all for getting this in the game , but I must say that this is a very disturbing statement to me.

Is it up for a vote, there are very rare occasions where I feel like our opinions help shape the game so seeing this makes me concerned that even T10 has a hard time and they want proof?

Very disturbing as clearly this should be a no brainier especially with the races being commented on and viewed.

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This is what happens when companies start delivering just the MVP to their customers. MVP - in corporate speak - means “Minimum Viable Product”.

Some real world samples:


NOW…someone is bringing this up?

Having information like the timer, lap, position and all that jazz will be amazing to have in replays and spectator modes. Also I would love to have the option of changing the distance tackers to quickest lap times or how many seconds I am behind the leader instead of finding out only when the race is finished.

The replays already have issue to begin with such as the very state of the replay itself (doesn’t seem smooth, almost like is slightly sped up) the information you get from telemetry doesn’t’ work half the time, I have the G-force dot stuck somewhere in the circle and won’t move, and one issue I haven’t found a explanation for is the revving and transmission damage my car gets in the replays, even though I raced fine in the actual race.

Anyways having all that information available during the replays will be a huge benefit to racers like me who want to get faster lap times and be more competitive in multiplayer events by being able to see (time wise) at what parts of the track or at what turns I am suffering the most on. I can already to this using the speed, but having time will be a benefit too.

Pretty sure that request was just a way to have it on record. Would not put too much into the fact that it was asked to place on the forums, it’s just a way for community folks to say this is what the community wants.

For what it’s worth though I agree with everything said in the OP…always have…lol.


Not having lap counter/lap time/position displayed in the replays in Forza 6 is something that’s bothered me since this game came out. It’s especially frustrating after having it in previous titles.

All good points but I doubt this will ever get fixed in FM6, at best they will add it to FM7. Blame that 2-year recurrent business plan…

I’m expecting the same.

At least the suggestion has been put forward now, and not just placed in a black hole


Thanks for posting this and for all the comments that followed.

Oh and HI PHRED!



Cool, glad it made its way to you :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ve been missing this info very much too.

In the spectator mode of FM4, ,one thing that you used to be able to do is pull back on the right stick to look behind and around the car you are spectating. I miss that as well.

…and about that replay save limitation…

Friendly reminder to consider this for future titles, since nothing has changed based on what I’ve seen of the Forza RC so far…


Saw the news earlier, a welcome addition.

It’s not 100% there but is much better than what was present before and is a rare update to a title this far along in its life cycle.

I’m sure it can be expanded upon for Forza Motorsport 7 but kudos to Turn 10 for putting the work into this now.