Specs of the car itself..... I think I'm missing where some of them are.

I find the specs on the car where it says how fast it goes from 0-60 and all that, but I couldn’t find any specs on like the engine displacement and weight. Wait a minute, I bet it’s on the same page but I needed to scroll down and didn’t. Is that so? Or are those specs in a different place. Because I saw someone mention how heavy their car was in KG and I don’t remember seeing that. Could you all point me in the right direction?

Thank you!!!

while in the upgrade menus you can toggle Y and it’ll either show you stat bars or the weight, HP and engine displacement if that’s what your talking about.

Or if you need even more details, if it’s in your garage, press the x button. It’ll pull up all the performance details about the car. You can cycle through it with the lb and rb buttons.

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Oh thank you!! I’ll try those tips!

you can also toggle your stats with the specs by pressing Y when you’re hovering over the car you want to check in your garage…

just on a side note, don’t pay attention to the stats they vary from car to car (presume you didn’t know that, an E46 M3 for example is faster everywhere and stops faster than another car with higher stats, and a Skyline on a RWD conversion pounds almost everything in the same class even on stock tires) so all cars are not even close to being equal despite what the stats may say.

take the E46 M3 vs R34 spec V both on an 8.2 accel and 9 speed the M3 gets beaten to 60 and ruins the skyline to the top speed of about 190mph on both. its to do with how the motor puts the power out. the BMW is very aggressive and german, while the skyline is super smooth, slightly slower and much calmer (despite sounding like its working harder)

so unless you’re building to spec for a tournament i would ignore almost all of that side of things. for tuning pay attention to your wheel and tire sizes along with torque as that will determine almost all of the tuning aspects (including Diffs)

I don’t know what you mean by hover. I’m using the classic controller and not kinect, if that matters.

I hear you on the specs not always lining up with performance comparatively. I’m new to the game so I have not driven every car yet, nor do I know if I want to. LOL. Maybe I will. But I do notice a difference with a lot of things, regardless of what the general ratings are. Like I did as well with some lap times with the C class 68 Ferrari GTB/4 as the Subura Impreza WRX, but I felt like I was going faster in the WRX. And so much smoother. I know that’s not quite exactly what you were saying, but I’m getting the picture to a degree. I was a gearhead growing up and understand some things about the powerband, where it is best, gearing, etc. But I have a lot to learn also. This game lets you get into a whole different level of understanding than what you can do in real life. Unless you’re involved with racing somehow.

Someone else was just commenting about this how the Javelin was so much quicker than the Chevelle SS 454 but couldn’t really understand why. I’m not sure what the ratings are, but I think the Javelin has lower speed ratings than the Chevelle. Or very similar, yet he said it seemed waaaay faster. Anyways… I’m learning. Thank you for the input. I still like to look at the specs of the engine and what not for the fun of it. But I’m still not completely seeing what I want. I did find a bit more the last time I was in the game though.