special liveries

when I download cars with special liveries on then like my 15th anniversary Ford Raptors I for all and one VIP they are just plain blue. The vehicle at the Bucket list is painted nice bit mine are plain blue. So I really don’t know what other cars should have special paint. Hope this can be fixed.

They appear blue in the selection list, but when you get in them, you will see the special liveries.

Nope tried that first thing

Thanks for your interest in helping though

Take them on the road. You’ll see the liveries.

Change their tune

If I change a tune they become invisible. I restarted and I can now see them if I load to the Vista but now I have 3 blue raptors and more less what is what. You’d think they would fix an issue from Forza Horizon 2.
I still have a yellow car and not the heart boys and girls club car…

Keep the ideas flowing

same proplem here :frowning: the 2 honda nsx r only white too…

Upgrade a visual part such as the wheels, or even the tire widths. It’ll force the garage image to update, and will show the liveries on the cars.

You don’t even have to upgrade a visual part, I did the stage one drivetrain and it was enough to make the livery show in my garage.