Special Colors in Decals

I’m wondering why we can’t use special colors on decal paint? There are a few decals that I have to paint off colored because they cant match the color of my rims. Can someone answer this question for me?

I don’t know why… but you can sorta do it when you paint the car in lets say chrome and create the logo open / negative / mask (so you see the base colour through it)

like how the mic is chrome is this image

Or how the star wars logo on the bonnet is gold in this image

ok, the LL Cool J one is all the proof I need that some people have figured out how to import pictures into the editor.

I kid- seriously though, that is the most impressive thing I’ve seen come out of the forza vinyl editor. Awesome work.


Look around man… there are more impressive paints then this one… but thanks :grin::wink::+1:t2:

Yeah I see where you could get around it but I have a car that is purple chrome and I want to put Gold decals on it like my Gold rims. But if no one else complains about it Forza won’t bother to try and make it that way

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How much of the purple chrome is visible?? I think it would be possible to make the base gold and mask parts with a transparancy layer purple…

I hear ya … but unfortunately, T10 is notoriously bad about not listening to the community’s requests about things like this. That feature has been one of the most requested additions to the paint booth for years now and they’ve never put it in.

Is it possible that they cannot figure out a method for the code? I’m a novice programmer, and I know a few “real” programmers and sometimes its just hard to program that code to be able to effectively work correctly.

Just guess though. :smiley:

Amen to that.

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Plus 1!!

I have used the masking over the special colors, sometimes tricky or just a pain, lol. What I’d love to see is a Gold Leaf special color. Like whats usually on a fire truck, with the swirl in the gold leaf. I haven’t been able to get it to look right using the masking technique. Any ideas? Wrong thread?