Spec Challenge leaderboard appears hacked!

Can anyone shed any light on the current Spec Challenge Miata leaderboard please?

There’s a Nissan GT-R in No.1 spot!

Obviously brings into question other leaderboards & jeopardises the community to some degree.
Many thanks

Known issue for a while. Most leaderbiards have glitches leaders. I’m not worried about it as I am no where near top and only worry bout whooping my buddies arses.

Good for you then mate, but not so cool for those of us who do chase the public leader boards.
Can you give any other “glitchy leaders” examples please? This is a proper game changer for us if it’s confirmed.
Does anyone know if Turn10 will be addressing this?

it has been fixed but there used to be a car with a -7 second lap time, and it was a dirty. he was #1. he finished the lap 7 seconds before he started, the checkers waved 7 seconds before the green. his name was shrubby not doc or marty and it wasn’t a delorian. but it did have massive pay outs, a 30 lap rival paid over 1 million because any clean lap beats a dirty and his bonus was over 3,000%. i know turn ten fixed that one.

Go through the rivals (not class attacks) and check some of the PI’s and cars used.

I really don’t envy Turn10 having to try to combat this stuff, but if we can’t trust the open class leaderboards what’s the point? I enjoy the competition but find it difficult to be motivated when times are disputed or obviously glitched/hacked :frowning: are we investing huge chunks of effort chasing public lobby times that are bogus? I dunno…

Now it seems the Monthly Challenge Prague challenge has been tampered with???
So do you down the controller until this stuffs removed or what?

Now it seems the Monthly Challenge Prague challenge has been tampered with???
So do you down the controller until this stuffs removed or what?

My approach is to simply compete against times I know are legit.

Sure my target is top 100 or top 50 not so much the top 10 but it can still be an issue. Was with the Honda Challenge recently.

You get to know the names of the quick drivers, just chase the times you know is the quickest. Aim for the #1 legit time and try to ignore any irregular times.

I agree that these glitches should be addressed and solved by Turn 10 as soon as possible.
While it is clear to anyone that a GT-R in a Miata-only event is clearly a glitch, and that a time of “-7 seconds” is also clearly fake, how can we all be sure that good leaderboards times were not obtained using the same or similar glitches?



T10 is aware of it as I emailed two designers last month and they indicated it would be updated at a later time and all the glitched times would be erased. They also said you won’t have to re-run any of your current leader board times in circuit, drag or drift.

The other thing is not every glitched time is on purpose. I would say 60% don’t even know its happened to them. I blame it on the lag and overseas players. I was in a lobby when it happened. The car disappeared and was still racing but it was due to lag. Next thing I know they were #1 on the mile drag leader boards.

Leaderboard cheats should be banned along with the crashers to discourage them from constantly doing it.


Thanks for the info and responses guys, must be a real problem to fix :confused:
Motivation to tune and invest the necessary time is understandably low. Fingers crossed it gets resolved soon.

I hear you maTTeo, my thoughts too mate. I just didn’t want to say it out loud for fear I might get an answer I didn’t like :confused:
Guess we have to trust Turn 10 will address this, just wish they would let us know because I can’t put any more time in without some assurances from them & I know I’m not alone.
It would be a crime if active members turned away purely because there’s no communication on the subject.
Fingers crossed it’s on the table & I hope it’s no more than a routine fix for Turn 10.
Guess we just have to wait?

Is the cheating getting worse? I’m finding more posts on the subject & nothing seems to be being addressed by Turn 10. I don’t want to sound impatient but it feels like there’s a lack of urgency or as if the glitchers have the upper hand (neither is very comfy) :confused:

What do you race when the leader-boards can’t be trusted? Career’s only good for so long & the multiplayer hoppers are frustratingly occupied by a high number of spoilers??

I’m really struggling to find a challenge worth chasing at the moment.

I think people are jumping to conclusions about how the abnormal times got there.

If it was a glitch that can be deliberately used the issue would likely be more widespread.

My suggestion is email forzafb@microsoft.com details of which leadetboards and which times are abnormal.

I emailed several days ago & continue to wait for a response.

I think it’s understandable for people to jump to conclusions in the absence of any official word or action from Turn10, especially as these times have been present for so long now, don’t you?

Whatever the cause surely this is a “fundamental issue” in a product primarily created to provide a competitive gaming environment.

Perhaps it’s me and I just expect too much :confused:

I don’t even bother with spec challenges just for this reason. Why Turn 10 hasn’t corrected this yet is beyond me. I think it’s pretty sad that people do it on purpose because they can. I know I can do it, but that’s not right & I don’t.

The original method people were using has been fixed. I am still not convinced the handful of abnormal times now are deliberate. I agree they should be removed though.