SPA Eau Rouge cutting debate

How do people feel about another driver taking a intentional line straight through the white lines at Eau Rouge? T10 counts this as a clean lap, but I do not see it as being clean since the driver is completely leaving the track and not even trying to keep any wheels on the strip. Yes, it’s very easy to mess up and go on the outside, but when the leader boards and online players are intentionally taking this line since it doesn’t count as dirty, I feel that is wrong. Going as fast as possible on Eau Rouge you should just barely have your right tires touching the red and yellow strip on the outside.

Most if not all of the leader board top times are driving a direct line through the white stripes being no where close to the track. To me this is almost like using a higher car class than what was intended for the rivals, they are able to select that class and still be labeled clean on the LB even if it is R class vs legit C class etc.

We are hot lapping, I can understand the run off in real life or in a race for safety reasons, but not for a direct line to race through that most online players and LB racers do. You aren’t taking Eau Rouge right? You can rewind it back to the start.

What are your thoughts on this? Should it be considered clean, dirty, or what did you think T10 intention with this was?

Its a game. Its deemed legal within the game. We are all playing by the same governing Forza deity.

In Nascar they will allow drivers to go below the white line on certain tracks.

Should it be “fixed”?, yes, probably, but within the current parameters of the game, it’s legal.

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I did it I didn’t want to but I did to get a better lap. It’s just a faster way of getting times look at all people at the top they do it. I would still be ahead of his time by like 5,6 seconds though if I didnt

As long as everyone is lapping under the same rules, its not a real issue.

there are many other areas where you can barely touch the edge of the track, and certainly cant use the rumble strip without dirtying. But you can in real life.

if its ever fixed - great. But then all leaderboards on spa would need a reset.

if its not fixed - meh.



It’s not like people are trying to cheat it…

But when your pushing the car hard up Eau Rouge, you have no choice but to go off the track a bit. If it becomes fixed… I’m fine with that too.

There is a lot of whining in here.

What ever happened to mastering a turn? If you are pushing it to the limit and going off the track than you are doing it wrong!

More consistency with track lines and grass issues would be great. But I don’t see a reason to make a big stink about it. Throw it in the wishlist with everything else and go back to enjoying the game.

I didn’t do it until about the 40th or 50th time much faster traffic online pounded me off track. Now I do it and hear CORNER CUTTER! screamed through someone’s mic.

I want the cars to reflect physics. I want the races to reflect the rules of the tracks. I don’t get too bothered by something small like this but dang I hate it when a hard fought third becomes a fifth because a dirty driver spins me because they know the game will let them do it without penalty. Off topic I know but it happened last night and so it’s a bit on my mind.

I tend to agree with DUST - but then self govern myself to avoid the cutting. - wheter deemed legal or not - And appreciate when someone calls me on it even when i may not show it outwardly and openly.


Pretty sure this should not be clean. I don’t suggest stick or anything other than the lap gets dirty just like corner cutting at YAZ.
It is a bit hard to fathom why hitting the curbing just hair too much Tertre Rouge or the sticky grass right on the edge of curbing on sweeper into Indianapolis or the Blue and the yellow stripped run offs at Maison Blanche are all dirty (acceptable racing lines in the race) but the picture above is considered clean? Something wrong with that and there is no way that any person - not knowing that that was clean already would do that trying to get a clean lap- so that tells you something right there.

Pushing cars with Race cars around an oval and then letting up a before the last sector and having a D class car go across the start finish line significantly fast then it finished under its own power, was “legal” too, but for those of thus that did ovals - it was complete BULL. Or R class cars in a B class event. At what point do you say hey, that’s wrong and don’t do it, for the sake of a LB rank.

In the case of Eau Rouge - it could very well be a mistake (cuz it easy to get loose in a car with out a lot of downforce and straighten out and be all wheels well off the track. Especially in a un-tuned car. But that was the arguement that I heard by people “mistakenly” getting in S and R class cars for a B class event - and the “mistakenly” doing it on all the monthly events… they were at least consistent in their mistakes, right? or would it be fair to say they were cheating. An “allowed” cheat - is still a cheat, right?


It is definitely something that should be fixed, if you go on youtube and look for any SPA on board lap, nobody cuts it that way. Currently it is still a clean lap, but I think it is clearly a mistake.
I admit I took it in the cheating way in the CBH, but in MP lobbies I do it properly even if it costs me seconds. I hope that thanks to the CBH T10 will notice it and fix it. It means wiping the board on SPA but I think that we all would enjoy more running the track as it was meant to be.

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According to OctagonQontrol, who was 80m away, said everyone and their moms cut it. paraphrasing

sorry, I don’t get what you mean here

In the bounty thread he was saying he was 80m from ER in real life and saw cars cutting it all the time.

oh sorry, now I get it. I was confused by the part about the moms lol.
Cuts may happen during races, but it is not the proper line for that turn. I think this will be better than words:

This is the line that we should do. Then currently the game allows to make the top of the Eau Rouge into a straight without dirtying the lap, fine, it is something that everybody can do at the moment, but it's a pity because it is a part of the track that we are not running as it is meant to be, and for this reason it should be fixed. The guys on top of the LB would still be there with whichever line that's not the problem

Taking the run off area with the white lines through Eau Rouge is clearly corner cutting IMO. The only time someone should be going through that way is to avoid an accident or if they accidentally enter the turn to quickly. I’ve grown tired of getting rammed from behind when taking Eau Rouge due to the fact that I choose to take the correct line but it is what is. Unfortunately, not everyone online has respect for the track or Motorsport in general, I can live with that but taking the runoff area should count as a dirty lap.

It is a cheap and lazy way of getting a faster lap time around there imo. You are clearly cutting the corner and carrying way more speed on that straight. I have rarely seen anybody do it correctly, granted it’s not easy to get it right.

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The criteria is pretty random for deciding what is dirty and isn’t. Tetre Rouge vs Eau Rouge is the perfect example of the contradiction between tracks.