Sound suttering + 57-60 fps in fullscreen mode


I have 2 problem with this game. First i have random audio stutters like in this video: Forza Horizon 4 audio stuttering - YouTube
I tried lot’s of solutions like: change powerplan, change bitrate etc etc… nothing helped. Sometimes audio works perfectly but usually game is unplayable.
I check dpc latency. Everything is all right.
I play this game also through TV and i don’t have audio stuttering.
on old card (GTX 960) everything works fine ( also fullscreen mode ),

  1. Problem is crazy fps (57-60) in full screen mode. No matter what settings, vsync on/off etc etc, fps drop’s to 57 and quickly back to 60 in windowed mode everything works ok. (changing settings in my gpu does not make any difference.

My setup
I5 4460
2x8 GB 1600 CL10
xonar dx

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