sound issues

The sound crackles from time to time. I’ve tried different cables, sound settings and other games. The problem lies within the game. Anybody else has this problem?


Yes, I get the sound glitches too. It sounds like loose wires but it’s a glitch within the game. It’s extremely irritating and I hope they can fix this soon.


I do have problems with the sounds from some cars like the Ferrari, every time it bumps at the road the sound of the bump it self is really cracked, also the sound of any obstacle on the track line cones, trash and other stuff that you may hit do sound cracking as well.

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Something that really has been bothering me is the sound of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.6. The exhaust sounds really muddy and full of excessive reverb almost as if the microphones were to close to the car when they recorded the sound for the game.

I still have missing blowoff valves and no supercharger sound effects sometimes. This is also very annoying.
Made a topic about it a few days ago, but nobody replied. :confused:

I had that crackling sound as well a while ago, but then it disappeared by itself, I remember reading something about it (with a workaround, solution) here or at the old - try using search

I haven’t had any major issues with audio

the ones i have had:
possibly the Mitsubishi lancer (haven’t a clue which one) sounds like a fart cannon when the AI drives it.
All the other cars are about 90% louder than the car i’m sat in.

It started out fine for me for a couple of days, then I noticed it started crackling and buzzing when I used the Vipers. Switched cars and it was ok for a few days. I took back my first copy of the game thinking it was an issue with the disc. Same thing on this disc as well. Lately though it is happening with every car. I switched out all cables thinking it was the cause. I was on the verge of buying new surround sound because I thought it may be going bad, but this is the only game it happens on. It’s gotten really annoying now because at first it was just a couple of cars, then it was just every now and then, now the crackling is from start to finish on each race.


I had the same audio issues. At first I thought my soundbar was going crazy…I even bought an optical audio cable thinking that It would have improved the situation. The fix was way simpler than that: I just closed the game when I got back to the dashboard (press “start” and hit “quit”). Almost 2 months passed since I had my last audio issue, everything was, and still is, fine.

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I haven’t been around here for a couple years, and was about a year late to the Xbox1 and FM5 party due to other commitments in life. I finally picked everything up about a month ago and within a day or so of opening FM5, it started this horrible crackling sound. I run everything through a Sony 7.1 Home Theater system and am pretty anal about my sound system so it immediately ruined the game for me. I did just as everybody else did. I started swapping out HDMI cables, tried running an optical cable to the receiver, went through all the settings on the Xbox1 and my receiver, and even went out and bought the best cables Best Buy carries. I was actually hoping the cables wouldn’t be the problem as mine are all fished through the wall, due to me hating to see cables anywhere. I even hooked the Xbox1 directly up to the TV to rule out receiver issues. This was the biggest pain in the a55, as the TV is a 70" and is mounted so flush to the wall, that even my 85lb Daughter can’t get her tiny hands behind the TV so off the wall it came. Nothing helped and I didn’t have any other games to try as they are coming as Christmas gifts, so the Wife took my bank card. I literally stopped playing the game about a week ago out of irritation that I couldn’t track down the issue, and it really makes the game unplayable, especially if you are one that uses the sound to shift. Last evening, I thought to myself that I can’t be the only one that had this issue. Or was I? Then I remembered this website that I used to frequent when FM4 came out, I did a quick search and sure enough, at the bottom of the second page was this thread. I immediately jumped off the couch and headed down to the Man Cave to try this and as a sigh of relief, it worked. Being new to the Xbox1, I had no idea that it technically stays on with the game sort of still running. Thanks again to Furia for the post and the OP for starting the thread. Honestly, if T10/Microsoft isn’t interested in fixing this issue, then a Moderator might want to sticky this thread so it will help out others in the future with the same issue.

Thanks again, and it feels great to be back.

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I literally linked my account to this forum just to say thank you! I rarely play Forza but was getting bored of my other games so jumped on here and this annoying sound pretty much made me want to just trash the game… You’ve made the game enjoyable! Thank you very much!

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I can confirm that this fix works for me. Thanks buddy! That was driving me insane! :slight_smile:

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No problem. I’m glad I could help!

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I couldnt believe thuis actualy worked Thanx dude.

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Try running the Citroen in a pack filled with other Citroens…this ALWAYS fubars my sound…fills it with a bunch of annoying static.


Interestingly enough, when this post went up 5 months ago, I was encountering the same issues with static crackling and popping sounds. Now, all of that seems to be gone. As for the other sound anomalies with certain vehicle combinations and such, hopefully Turn 10 can iron out those wrinkles before Forza 6.

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The only sound issue I’ve experienced so far is a split second mute in the engine sound. It only happens every now and then. It happens with the Lotus E21 F1 car when in final gear.
The mute happens really quickly. It just lasts for about 2 tenths of a second.
I haven’t experienced any other sound issues bar this.

I have had this issue with Titantall too. Use DTS if you have compatible speakers (most of them are anyways) and the crackle will go away. Dolby Digital seems to be the cause of the problem.
If you use any gaming headphones you are doomed to use DD so…

For the most part I hadn’t experienced many sound issues until about a couple weeks ago. Almost every time I race at Long Beach online with a more than a half full lobby I get the crackling before the final turn as well as down the back straight. Not sure if the amount of players in the lobby is a possible cause or just coincidence though. Doesn’t happen on any other track thus far.

Glad I found this thread. At least I know my XP500s aren’t going haywire now.

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