sound issues

I am trying to make sure that I am not going crazy here. I have noticed that since the last patch I am having weird issues with the sound in this game…almost like the sound is being muffled or something sporadically as I drive around the track. As far as I have noticed, it does happen on every track but maybe some are just worse than others.

It is really annoying because of how big a role audio cues play in this game…not being able to hear my engine revs or cars coming up on the side of me get frustrating. Like I said, it happens on almost every track that I have tested and it is not random, it appears to always be happening in the same spot(s) of the tracks.

Before anyone asks, I have tried 3 different HDMI cables and another input on the back on my AVR and nothing has mitigated this issue and none of my other devices (PS3, PS4, BD player, X1 cable box) suffer from this issue. This leads me to believe it is either the game or the XB1 but I really wouldn’t even know how to figure out if it was the XB1.

I tried doing some searches on the interwebs but could really find anything so it appears this is not a wide spread issue or at least one that is not being voiced by the community. Anyone else noticing issues like this?

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Bin having the same problems since last update , uninstalled everything forza related re-installed everything was fine for a few races then had sound lag again

Is it specific to a certain view?

Try cockpit, bumper and chase car. Are any better than others?

Glad I am not the only one…it is really annoying. To the point that I can’t really play the game ATM.

Did not try that, will have to give that a go this weekend. FWIW I use the bonnet view exclusively.