Sorry to be the one to complain. I usually have nothing to say about Forza but 5 is a let down!

Ok does any one else think the FM5 is a half a game?

  1. Half the Cars if you bought the VIP(202) and Tracks (14), no storefront no auction house. An additional 60 cars over six months if you buy the season pass.
  2. $60 game (80.00 limited edition) with $50 season pass.
  3. We are about to be 3 car packs into the season pass and the packs are comprised of some cars that came stock on forza 3&4 and some that are recycled DLC from the Previous Games. Very few new faces.
  4. They wasted valuable disk space (that could have been used for more cars and tracks) on a half completed forza vista on every car which doesn’t even feature commentation on the specs of each car that was in forza 4 wich featured Jeremy Clarkson.
    I dont buy forza to look at cars I bought it to race them!
  5. Forza 4 featured 400 cars and an ample amount of tracks on a lower capacity disk and a small download for tracks and yet forza 5 is on a blu-ray disc and can only accommodate 202 cars and 14 tracks that dont even include Nurburgring.
    And Mr Greenwalt says its because the other cars werent up to spec nor were the other tracks because they werent laser scanned. But yet turn 10 found the time for your development team to do the DLC cars first?? Interesting! Yet he boast about how forza 5 will receive the most post launch support than any other title. Really!?!? Is it because forza 5 is not finished???

No reward for 1st place no Reward Cars??? So you make a racing game that dosent matter if you come in 1st place 3rd place is good enough but yet you make the lead car the hardest to catch? Where is the spirit in that? This is like making a Sports game that says it dosent matter if you win the championship the playoffs are good enough. Sports games a meant to compete to see who is the best. Races are over by the time your tires heat up.
Why not drop the Forza vista support add Qualifying, endurance races so the pit crew has something to do.
Im sorry the game looks good and races well and the few additions to the livery are cool but this game is a let down when it comes to racing experience as a whole it caters too much to the newcomer and not the Veterans when it is the 5th installment in the series franchise.
I have a feeling that after the season pass is over thats when the new cars will be availabe probably with another Porshe pack and wouldnt be surprise if they charged you extra for the missing tracks either.


You should probably have at least tried a search before positing this.

Every point you bring up has been commented on ad infinitum in many threads before.

Yeah I probably should have but I dont really ever post on the forums I just got fed up with this game.