Sorry for Free Candies

Hello Everyone,

I got banned for “Free Candies” themed van, I created a vinyl for a Van on Thursday and arrived for a bisnes trip when I come back on Tuesday I found out that I banned.
I didn’t know that free Candies themed cars was not allowed and I never was banned before.
I managed to create a ticked (where I asked what for I was banned for) and day after I was Talking With a Microsoft guy and we found out that I’m banned because of the Free Candies vinyl, then I created second post where I say sorry for the vinyl. Because as told I didn’t know that this was not allowed.
But now it has been 5 days and I never got any answer and my tickets stands as “solved”
Can anyone help? Because 30 days ban is a haard punishment for me who’s horizon big fan.

Hope for fast answers.

Greetings Bulinek

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Well free candies is obviously not allowed so why post?


cmon it lists the “free candy” since xxx months


30 day ban is quite soft for that offense in my opinion given what the free candy thing connotates.


Bans are not discussed on the forums. Thanks